How To Choose A Gaming Headset (Gamer’s Guide)

Have you finally decided to get yourself a great pair of gaming headsets that could fulfill your requirements? Well, if you actually have, then you will first have to keep some critical things in mind before getting your hands on any gaming headset. It does not precisely matter what your budget is; gaming headsets can be very confusing sometimes. The shape, features, sound quality, comfort, and many other things can urge you to think if you are making the right decision.

Well, that is exactly what I am here for to solve your queries and questions with this detailed gaming headset buying guide. So let’s dive into the details and see how things work. But before moving onto the features and crucial aspects, the foremost thing that you will have to consider is the connectivity of your headsets. So how does it work? Let’s get into it!

Gaming Headsets connection type: Wired or Wireless?

Let’s evaluate both of the types separately and determine which type would suit you the best. Before you move forward, just know that there is no “winner” between the two. It simply depends on your preferences and likings that what you like and what you don’t.

Wired Gaming Headsets

Yes, we all started playing games with the wired headsets, and exponentially, they also work quite great. As technology has advanced, the headphones industry has also been developed quite a lot. But again, the question is, should you really go with wired gaming headsets in today’s era?

If you don’t really want to hassle yourself with batteries and utter charging times, wired headphones will do a great job for you. And of course, they also cost less than the wireless headsets, so you might also be able to save some bucks in the end.

Wireless Gaming Headsets

Thanks to wireless connectivity, humanity has been blessed with unlimited benefits. The same scenario goes with the wireless gaming headsets, as they have solved quite a lot of issues for the gamers. First, you don’t have to compromise yourself with the cable of your headsets. You can simply sit on the sofa or couch and enjoy your games without worrying about breaking the wire.

Besides that, everyone loves portability. Wouldn’t you really consider going out with your cool-looking gaming headsets to give yourself a pump of music you enjoy? You definitely would! You will just have to look out for the battery timing to ensure it would be a good fit for your usage and needs.

10 Crucial Aspects to Consider While Choosing A Gaming Headset!

As we have passed the first phase of buying the gaming headsets, it is now time to go a little deeper. That is where you will find out the top 10 crucial aspects that you should consider while choosing a gaming headset!

Headset Design

As we are specifically talking about the gaming headsets here, closed design headsets are simply the most demanded, hands down, no questions asked. The simple reason behind the popularity of closed design headsets is that they do not let anything distract you. Neither the sound from your game leaks out nor any sound comes from the outside. 

The environment just gets better and better for you to focus on what you are doing. This aspect matters a lot if you are primarily looking for a headset for FPS gaming. You have to focus on footsteps, bullet sounds, eco, and many other things, and closed design headsets can help you out.

As for the open design headsets, they are probably the winner in the comfort category. Open design headsets allow the air to pass through and offer you a suitable experience. Your ears don’t get sweaty, or you simply don’t have to take breaks after every half an hour.

So make sure that you check out what type of design is suitable for you, and then make a decision in the end.


We have talked a little about comfort before, but the chapter does not really end there. Comfort should be one of your most important priorities if you play for long. Most gamers spend a couple of hours every single day playing their favorite games. So it is quite obvious they would also have to wear the headsets all the time.

So would you really want to have an unpleasant experience for that many hours? Probably not! That is where you can look out for the aspects that make your desired or preferred headsets comfortable. As for the latest-gen gaming headsets, they even come with breathable material, does not matter the design.

Breathable material actually helps you prevent sweating and offer a cozy experience for an extended period. Even if you are not an actual gamer and looking for professional soundstage headphones, comfort will play a great role. Playing the instruments and focusing on hundreds of aspects at the same time is definitely not easy, and you would want to have a cozy experience.

Not only that, but you also have to check out the adjustability so that you can set them up as per your comfort. If the headsets are too tight, your blood circulation might be affected. If they are too loose, you will probably have to keep fixing the position every single minute. That is why adjustability is also an important factor within the comfort zone. If there is an adjustability factor available, you will not have to worry about getting a specific headset for small heads or big heads, depending on your head size.

Lastly, you can also check out the material of ear cups and headrests. For premium reliability and durability, many brands go with fabric or leather, but the scenario might differ.

Sound Type (Surround Vs. Stereo)

Do note that most of the headsets either come with surround sound or stereo sound. But the precise question is, which one is the best? And again, the whole thing depends on your preferences and likings. Surround sound comes with more channels. Thus, accuracy gets quite better.

If you are an FPS enthusiast, surround sound would work great for you. The additional channels will help you know where the sound is coming from. It does not matter if an enemy is coming from left or right; surround sound headsets will help you evaluate this factor through its channels.

As for the stereo headsets, they have fewer channels than the surround sound. If you are a casual gamer playing strategic, racing, emulation, or other types of games, you will probably not feel a difference.

Besides the type of sound, another thing that matters the most is the drivers integrated into the headsets. Drivers simply convert the electrical signals into sound; the better they convert, the better the sound quality will be. But do you really think all the drivers work the same? No! Some drivers include bass, precision, enhanced delivery, and accuracy, making them suitable for gaming. And, of course, some of them don’t.

Durability and Build Quality

Gaming headsets are not really cheap, and that is the fact that you cannot deny. So would you really want your headsets to break down in a couple of weeks after you spend a hefty amount of money? Unquestionably not! That is why you have to check the durability of your headsets and see how sturdy they are.

Most of the headsets arrive with a combo of plastic and metal. But that is where you have to check how good the quality is. If the hard plastic is used, your headsets will probably last longer. 

And also, the headsets should be sturdier and balanced in order to provide perfect reliability throughout the gaming sessions. Even if you are looking for a headset for large heads, the headset should be sturdier enough to stretch out without any cracks or creeks.

Microphone Features

Gaming with buddies is probably the only thing gamers want, and it is just incomplete with the voice chat. Communication is quite important in gaming to plan, evaluate, determine, and implement the crucial things. So if you want to deliver quality sound, you will have to check the microphone features.

You will have to see how clear your sound is, at what frequency the sound is being delivered, if the background noise is being canceled throughout. These features are what matters the most, and they are what make it easier for you to talk to your teammates.

Aesthetics, looks, and RGB

Gamers often tend to go with peripherals that offer premium looks, RGB, and aesthetics. And well, it is pretty understandable as all of the gaming components should stand out. Because that is what shows the components are unique and specifically designed for gaming.

If we talk about the headsets, the looks matter even more. You have to wear them on your head, and you would surely not want something ugly on it. So check out the aesthetics and see if the headsets are pleasing to your eyes. If you are an RGB enthusiast, you can also see if there is RGB integration there. Just make sure that the design is good enough for you and satisfies your needs.

Active Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is not only dependent on the design of the headsets but there is another factor in this case. Closed design headsets are quite great when it comes to noise cancellation, but the active noise cancellation feature enhances it even more.

Active noise cancellation produces anti waves that simply get in the way of background noise, resulting in no interference at all. You get premium and clear sound without worrying about the background, and your experience automatically gets better.

Battery Durability/Braided Cable

If you are going with the wireless gaming headsets, you will have to check out the battery durability. The battery should last at least more than six hours so that you can have a proper session. Anything below that will make your experience worse, and you will have to charge your headsets again and again.

As for the wired headsets, you will have to check out for the braided or durable cable. The cable can easily be torn out from the base if you walk away, forgetting that your headsets are still on. So it is better to make sure the cable is durable enough or is braided for peace of mind.

Onboard Buttons and adjustments

Onboard buttons can actually be very convenient because of their quick actions. You can simply adjust the sound from the onboard buttons without going into the settings of the game. Not only that, but you don’t even have to go to the system settings for the sound adjustment.

Some headsets even allow the users to turn the mic off or on the right from the headset, making it easier for the users to use it as per their likings. So if you want convenience while playing games, do not forget to check out the onboard buttons.

The budget!

Have you ever actually heard the famous saying, “The more you put the sugar, the sweeter it will be”? Well, the case is the same with pretty much everything. The more you spend, the better quality headset you will get. 

But the thing is, think of your headsets as an investment in your gaming passion. It is really not worth it to get a cheaper headset every other month. It is simply better to spend one single time and then experience the awesomeness in the years to come.

So plan your budget, see how much you can spend and save, and then decide on a particular model. It might seem hard, but it will definitely be worth it in the end.


Finally, these are all the things that you will have to check out when buying a gaming headset. These things would surely have given you an idea of what to consider. The internet is quite vast and can easily let you find hundreds of variants available. You will just have to see if the headset has what you actually want.

If needed, you can go through the list again, infuse the aspects in mind, and then buy the best possible piece. 

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