Best Headphones For Smule (2022 Review)

We have definitely come a long way since we first began exploring the vast connectivity that social networking sites offer. The newer social apps focus on your specific areas of interest and provide you with a platform for showcasing the same.

Smule is one such app that aspires to connect people all over the world using their love for singing as a common thread. But you can’t really make the best use of this karaoke app if you don’t have a suitable headphones. With the right headphones, you can minimize indoor noise and acquire the effect of a studio recording and sing your heart out.

Top Rated Smule Headphones Compared

Things to look for in Smule Headphones


It is really important to ascertain the comfort level of a specific pair of headphones before finally purchasing them. You should ensure that the equipment fits perfectly in your ears. This is to assure that it doesn’t slip out of your ears in the middle of a recording. A stable headphone is an essential requirement for a hassle-free karaoke.

Sound quality

A Smule headphone should have advanced hardware, which will provide you with the best sound quality compared to other local equipment. It should also have the quality of filtering out all the unwanted noises and glitches so that you can hear only fine-quality music. The best headphones also help you keep track of the beats you’re singing to. It thereby eliminates the risk of your voice going off-tune.

Recording quality

It goes without saying that Smule headphones should have extraordinary recording ability without which it is simply a waste of money. Your headphone should have an efficient microphone that will record your voice without compromising on its authentic quality and range of sound.

Make sure that the microphone is reliable enough to be used for karaoke as it is an indispensable part of using a music app.

Best Headphones For Smule

1. Apple Earpods

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  • Built-in remote.
  • Ear-fitting design.
  • Lossless, high-quality speakers.

The Apple Earpods comes with a 3.5 mm headphone plug and are uniquely structured to suit the structure of the human ear. The smaller sound outlets make them easier to wear, and they are engineered to maximize sound input with little or no sound loss.

It also contains a built-in remote that lets you control as well as adjust the music and its volume according to your preference. The Apple Earpods’ high-quality audio facility makes them the ideal headphone set if you are a user of the iPhone version of Smule.

Since this product is designed by Apple, no other rival can match up to its compatibility with iPhones. The speakers within the ear pods are engineered to produce deeper and richer bass tones for an enriched audio experience. Its smart structure and high-grade materials make it resistant to sweat and water.

So no matter where you are, be it on a run or gym, you can use your music app to the fullest with the assistance of a pair of Apple Earpods. Buying this product will help you bring the world of limitless karaoke and Smule music to your fingertips.


  • Comfortable to put on.
  • Exceptional sound quality.
  • Great mic recording.


  • Tangle-prone cord.

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2. Sony MDRZX110 ZX Series With Microphone

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  • Acoustic bass booster.
  • In-line microphone.
  • Works on both Android and Apple smartphones.

The Sony MDRZX110AP ZX series extra bass smartphone headset with microphone provides you with both a strong form and standard functionality. Its enhanced audio performance and inbuilt microphone with hands-free mode make this product apt for vocal performances on Smule.

Its wired connectivity technology prevents signal connectivity problems and potential music dropouts. The advanced bass booster delivers amazing bass response with 30 mm drivers for wide frequency response.

This lightweight in-line microphone with on-the-ear design is compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the version of Smule that you’re using as this headphone suits all devices.

The Sony ZX series monitor headphones maximize your personal audio experience with no compromise on comfort and functionality. Its 30 mm driver units provide a polished and balanced sound ranging from 12 to 22000 Hz.

The headphones’ swivel folding design makes it extremely compact and flexible for portability and more comfortable usage. Its durable 1.2 m  cable doesn’t get tangled easily and hence offers hassle-free engrossment with your favorite music. The Sony headphone with mic is a perfect choice for Smule users, who can’t settle for anything lesser than the perfect music quality.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable padding on earcups.
  • Loud on mobile phones.


  • Some units have connection issues between the cord and the plug.

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3. Sephia SP1050VC

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  • Wired connectivity technology
  • Built-in microphone and volume controller
  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range

Another great pair of headphones for Smule is the Sephia SP1050VC. Most raves included the superb noise-canceling technology of these in-ear headphones. The design of these earbuds promises both comfort and efficiency.

On comfort, users can delight in the various sizes that the earbuds offer. With the best fit for you, you can enjoy belting out your favorite songs without worrying about the perfect fit. Long hours of singing? It would no longer be a problem.

These earphones are compatible with most devices and they contribute to better performance. With their well-balanced optimum frequency response and audio power, you can deliver clearer vocals.

While most users might be skeptical about the bass performance, fret not. The bass of these earphones is both deep and powerful.

The built-in microphone and volume control let you manage your leisure and calls at the same time too.


  • Solid and clear bass
  • Strong build quality
  • Great external sound isolation


  • The volume control may not work well with certain devices

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4. Linklike Wired Earphones

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  • Wired connectivity technology
  • In-line microphone and volume controller
  • Gold plating

If you are looking for a pair of durable and sophisticated earphones, you should consider the Linklike earphones. Though wired, you no longer have to worry about knots and entanglement with the flexible TPE cord.

When using headphones for Smule, instrumental sounds and vocals make an important pairing. You can more layers and deeper bass with these earphones, making you more absorbed in your singing.

We have to mention the 8D air-flow technology. This form of technology enhances the bass and provides details to your music. It also works well with the exclusive QUAD diaphragms to deliver clearer sound.

The design of the earbuds is amazing. With a diameter of only 6mm, you would not find them irritating to the ears. Besides, the ear tips are sealed perfectly thus, helping to isolate exterior sound more efficiently.


  • Highly durable
  • Rich details in sound quality
  • Good noise-isolating technology


  • Some users found the earbud shape to be unsuitable

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5. Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0

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  •         Wired connectivity technology
  •         Passive noise isolation
  •         4.3 feet cable length

At first glance, many are skeptical about the Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0. The earphones are made of plastic and may not look appealing.

Surprisingly, these earphones prove the point that we should never judge a book by its cover. Despite the humble exterior and design, these earphones deliver decent bass with a punch. This advantage makes it suitable for Smule, as the bass is well balanced and not over the top.

Having said that, do not expect much from the sound isolation quality of these earphones. To counter this, all it takes is a slightly higher volume than usual.

Comfort is still achievable from using these earphones for Smule despite the cheap exterior. These are super lightweight fit securely enough.


  •         Budget-friendly earphones
  •         Well-balanced bass
  •         Good response to custom equalization


  •    Made of plastic and feels cheap

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Q1 How can I sing better on Smule?

Given below are a few pointers for an enhanced karaoke experience on Smule:

  • Warm-up your voice and stand while singing.
  • Use studio effects to cushion your voice quality and prevent echoing while singing in a room.
  • Hold the device away from the mouth while recording to prevent distortion.
  • Prerecord your song and publish it on Smule after polishing it.
  • Keep track of your pitch and maintain your relaxed, natural volume.
  • Get proper vocal training.

Q2. Does Smule use Auto-Tune?

This feature called the autotune is basically software that keeps you from going off-tune by automatically tuning your karaoke. Smule’s new T-Pain app lets you add the very popular auto-tune effect to your vocal performance. You just have to sing to your phone, and the software will correct your voice according to the song’s requirements and save.

Q3. How much does Smule cost?

The Smule app lets you sing all the premium songs if you are its VIP member. To subscribe to this VIP membership and unlock all the premium services, you need to pay $3.75 per month for an annual subscription. Apart from this, you could also earn credits by watching ads and learning about other offers. However, collaborating with other premium users will cost you nothing.

Q4. What effects should I use on Smule?

There are a number of effects that lets you polish your vocal performance before you finally upload it on Smule. The most popular of which are Super Studio, Studio FX and Polish. Through these Effects, you will attain a more professional sound, and they will also adjust the resonance for a cleaner karaoke. Such effects will definitely help you acquire the premium sound quality that you aspire to achieve.

Q5. Can you sing live on Smule?

Smule’s all-new feature called the live jam lets you sing live with any user on any part of the globe. Through this feature, you can invite any other user to join your karaoke or even simply pass on the mic. You can also chat and perform at the same time that, too, with the use of voice and video special effects.

Q6. Does Smule Work With Wireless Headphones?

For now, using wireless headphones for Smule is still not a viable option. There have been upgrades to allow the use of a microphone through the 3.5 mm jack input though. As for allowing the use of Bluetooth headphones or microphones, the app does not support them yet.


There’s nothing more relaxing than belting out your favorite song on Smule. Getting the right headphone, particularly with a great quality mic adds on to the fun. Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect pair that brings out the best of your singing.


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