About Me


This is Kenny here. Professionally, I am a writer but prior to that, I spent a decade as an electronics engineer.

To be frank, I was not an audiophile, but headphones have always been my companion for decades.

My first headphone was way before, as I can vividly remember wearing one while playing Warcraft in the early 2000s.

Back then, a headphone is just a headphone without the neat features that you’ve got today. As I was only a student, I was going for the cheapest headphone around.

That change when I started my employment. Designing electronics, day-in, and day-out can be pretty monotonous.

It was the radio that’s blasting from my headphones that keeps me going.

Years later, I started freelancing, and that means working in public places like cafes and shopping malls.

I’m grateful for the free WiFi, but the chatters can be pretty distracting.

Again, headphones have proven to be a great companion but I’m more selective in terms of noise isolation.

I’m now a writer, having transitioned from the electronics engineering industry where I spent 10 years building embedded control systems. (View LinkedIn)

Music is still my best companion and that means I’ll be having either a headphone or earbud when I’m turning thoughts into words.

Why I’m Building Sound Slack

Of late, there are numerous types of headphones popping out on the market. I’ve seen wired headphones evolved into wireless ones. Also, you’ll have true wireless earbuds, active noise cancelling(ANC) and bone conduction headphones jostling for your attention.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the technical specifications when choosing a headphone. Terms like impedance and sensitivity can be confusing for non-technical buyers. Some buyers may expect ANC headphones to block off all sounds only to be disappointed by the wrong expectation.

As a trained electronics engineer, I have a decent understanding of the jargons used in headphones.

I’m also involved in electronics design that involved building a customized MP3 player. It’s safe to say that I’m quite adept at the terms used in headphones’ specs.

I’ll be explaining technical concepts in simple terms and also comparing some of the latest headphones available.

When you’ve understood what basics of headphones and the underlying parameters, it is easier to decide if a specific model is suitable for you.

I hope you’ll find this website and its recommendations useful.