Best Headphones for Kindle Fire (2022 Update)

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets are some of the most ultra-affordable and travel-friendly tablets on the market. It’s only fitting that you pair yours with the most convenient pair of headphones for the best experience.

Amazon Fire does not have the highest quality speakers. That’s why you need headphones that accentuate its sound profile. Also, you need the headphone to be compatible with your tablet and have decent sound quality.

Fortunately, we’ve dug through the headphones market to find the best choices for Kindle Fire.

On here, we have something for everyone, including kids. Now you can sit back and enjoy audiobooks, music, videos, and many more.

Top Kindle Fire Headphones Compared

5 Best Headphones for Kindle Fire

1. Noot Products Kids Headphones K33

Key Features

  • 40mm drivers
  • Adjustable sliders
  • Foldable design

From homeschooling to long plane rides, your child can now listen on headphones explicitly designed for kids. Noot Products K33 is one of the top choices for Amazon Fire and Kindle tablets. They come with a 3.5mm jack pin to provide a wired connection to the tablet.

Thanks to the 40mm drivers and flexible material, the sound quality on K33 is always rich and clean. We like that the pair will not break at high power levels or distort under a load. And since the sound profile is flat with a neutral signature, you can rest assured that your kid won’t experience ear damage.

Also, the volume is preset. Plus, there are no volume, mic, or remote controls. The company has set it so to protect kids from dangerously high volumes. However, kids can still speak on their devices during classes.


  • The soft ear cups block out ambient noise
  • An adjustable headband provides the perfect fit
  • The nylon braided cable is 5ft, long


  • Earmuffs tend to be small for kids older than 12 years

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2. Sony MDR-ZX110

Key Features

  • 1.38-in neodymium dynamic drivers
  • 12Hz -22KHz frequency response
  • Active Noise Canceling

Sony brings you the best headphones for Kindle Fire 10 in the Sony MDR-ZX110. This pair is the cheapest offering by Sony, but it has considerably good performance for the price. Its 30mm drivers produce excellent sound aided by Active Noise Canceling technology. It means that sound does not leak. Hence, you can listen to high-quality stereo sound.

The audio profile on Sony MDR-ZX110 is bass-focused. It makes listening to different music genres enjoyable since it also pays attention to the high-end tones. Nevertheless, if you’re not into bass-heavy headphones, you may find them a bit overwhelming.

Although this pair is wired, the flat-Y cables don’t tangle easily. The wires also have a rugged and durable texture, meaning Sony has not compromised durability. Since the jack pin is 3.5mm in size, it will fit perfectly on all Kindle Fire tablets that support a 3.5mm stereo mini-jack.


  • Lightweight design
  • 87.9 hours of active noise canceling
  • Swivel, folding earpads


  • Boosted bass will not please audiophiles

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3. Echo Buds (2nd Gen)

Key Features

  • Active Noise Canceling
  • Alexa-enabled
  • IPX4 waterproofing

The best wireless earbuds for Kindle Fire are the Echo Buds (2nd Gen). These earbuds are on a whole new level since Amazon has taken serious steps towards improving noise-canceling technology and audio performance.

Echo Buds (2nd Gen) have a sound output of 400Hz. The earbuds offer impressive clarity. You can hear a natural richness in smooth vocals. You’ll also make out the left-right stereo separation in some songs like “I Feel It Coming.” What’s more, speech intelligibility is decent for video calls on your Amazon Fire.

In addition, these buds support Alexa. No need to rummage through recipes. Alexa will do it for you.

We find these earbuds comfortable for normal wear, except if you’re in a hood or lying on a pillow. This is because the buds protrude a little, meaning they’ll brush against a pillow or hood.


  • Customizable fit with included ear tips
  • It can access voice assistants
  • 5 hours of playback on one charge


  • Lots of permissions required to use the earbuds

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4. Riwbox WT-7S

Key Features

  • Lightweight at only 4 ounces
  • 10m transmission distance
  • Flashing LEDs

Another top choice for kids and teenagers is the Riwbox WT-7S. This is an excellent Bluetooth pair for Amazon Fire HD 8 since they pair over Bluetooth 5.0, which Amazon Fire HD 8 supports. As such, you can count on a reliable and secure connection.

These headphones provide up to 10 hours of playback on a single charge. And if you want to listen with no worries about battery life, you can use the detachable cable that connects into 3.5mm audio jacks. Again, the wireless design is suitable for kids since they won’t be tethered to their tablet.

Clear and transparent bass, mids, and highs are the words that describe these headphones’ sound profile. It becomes even more enjoyable with the flashing LEDs as they follow the rhythm of the music.

What more would kids and teenagers love except flashy rainbows?


  • Natural sound with strong bass
  • Automatic pairing after first-time pairing
  • Soft earpads don’t squish the ears


  • No volume limiting feature

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5. VANTIYAUS Kindle Fire Earbuds

Key Features

  • ErgoFit in-ear earbuds
  • Noise Isolation
  • Tangle-free flat cable

Are you looking for Kindle Fire headphones with perfect noise isolation? Then you will love the VANTIYAUS brand. Made with ErgoFit in-ear buds, this pair conforms to your ear canal. As a result, they block out most of the ambient noise to experience crystal clear audio.

VANTIYAUS earbuds feature dynamic stereo sound. You can look forward to a fantastic listening experience. These earbuds are wired and will connect fast and easily to your Fire tablet using the 3.5mm jack. And since the cables are flat, you’ll never deal with tangling.

Finally, these earbuds are compact. You can store them easily in your purse, pocket, or backpack. Plus, you can thread the wire through a pack or hood for your convenience.


  • Compact size
  • Ultra-soft earpiece
  • Flat cables never tangle


  • Doesn’t work with 2019-2021 Amazon Kindle and Fire

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Choosing Headphones for Kindle Fire

The audio output of Fire tablets can be challenging to match. That’s why you can’t pick any headphones out there. There’s a need for research and testing before you can settle on a pair.

Before you make your pick, please go through these features to consider.

Sound Output

Look for headphones that have detailed and well-balanced audio.

And that’s what our list entails. These headphones work best with Kindle Fire tablets owing to their audio clarity. As a result, you’ll hear every lyric and line of your favorite song or movie.


You could be on your tablet all day. As such, you need headphones that don’t put extra pressure on the ears. To this end, you’ll want to look for headphones that have comfy ear muffs. On the other hand, earbuds should not press your ear canal.

Additionally, you can relate the experience of others to what you’re going to encounter when you invest in a particular pair.

Headphones Design

There are over-ear, in-ear, and on-ear headphones. Over-ear headphones are the comfiest for wearing over long hours. In contrast, they are not travel friendly since they need lots of storage space.

While in-ear and on-ear headphones are highly portable, they are not very comfortable. So, you may have to compromise over the features that are important to you when choosing between these types.


You’ll need a headphone with high-quality sound for Kindle Fire.. We’ve put together five of the top choices to help you pick the pair that meets your needs. We hope you’ll find our list comprehensive in the details to make the correct choice.

Which model is suitable for your Amazon Fire?

Let us know in the comments!

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