Best Headphones for Zwift + Discord (2022 Update)

You’ve got a smart trainer – check, fans to keep you motivated – check. But as a Zwifter, you need the best headphones that will give you high chat quality. While you could grab a pair at the airport or Costco, you’ll not be investing in sound quality.

You see, Zwift headphones need to minimize capturing your breath. Plus, you don’t want heavy headphones that leave you hot and sweaty. That’s why you need to invest in the best headphones for Zwift + Discord.

Luckily, we’ve got the pleasure to get our hands on the most recommended options. Here’s our take on the top-performing brands to make indoor cycling fun and more immersible.

Top Rated Zwift Headphones Compared

Best Headphones for Zwift + Discord

1. AfterShokz Aeropex

Key Features

  • Open-ear design
  • 8th generation bone conduction technology
  • IP67 water and dustproof

Are you looking for workout-friendly Zwift + Discord headphones? AfterShokz Aeropex headphones are the ones to beat. With barely-there vibration drivers, you can enjoy a secure fit at all times. You can’t shake Aeropex off, and they won’t come loose in the middle of cycling.

Enjoy audio straight to your inner ear, thanks to bone conduction technology. Aeropex headphones leave your eardrums open to the surroundings. So, you will hear someone at the door as Zwift whips your *ss.

While we like the idea of bone conduction technology, you’ll agree that sound quality can be flat and muted. However, in the spectrum, Aeropex gives you pleasantly punchy audio. Vocals are clear, and you’ll hear every detail. Plus, you have enough low-end for your favorite JB’s.


  • Rock-solid Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • 8-14 hours of battery life
  • Available in two sizes


  • Loud background noise during calls

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2. Jabra Elite Active 75t

Key Features

  • Dependent pressure-relief vent
  • Active noise-canceling technology
  • IP57 water, sweat, and dustproof

Jabra Elite Active 75t are exceptional headphones for Zwift enthusiasts. They give you high-quality sound with good detail and well-defined sound. But perhaps the feature that makes them suitable for Discord is their four mics. The headphones boast the latest beamform and processing technology. Whether you’re set up in the basement or the roof, you’ll always enjoy crystal clear sound.

And did we mention that you’ll listen without distractions thanks to their noise-canceling technology? Yep, no more dealing with noisy neighbors. You get that little boost that keeps you in the zone.

For those who want to take it outside, you’ll appreciate the HearThrough Mode on Jabra Elite Active 75t. With a short press on the left earbud, you can let the world in so that you’re aware of your surroundings.


  • Up to 7.5 battery life between charges
  • 2-year warranty against sweat and dust
  • Soft-touch earbuds with grip coating


  • Highs can be harsh

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3. Apple AirPods

Key Features

  • Wireless charging
  • Hands-free Siri functionality
  • H1 chip

Apple AirPods are called the real treat for a good reason. One, you will never lose connection. For anyone with Apple’s ecosystem, Apple AirPods is an excellent pick. A true wireless experience awaits you. Besides the earbuds lacking wires, you can charge the case wireless on a Qi- wireless charging mat.

This second-generation AirPods feature the H1 chip instead of the original W1. This upgrade brings you a lively, powerful presentation. The mid-tones are perfectly clear, while the highs can be a bit harsh. It’s excellent at voice calls and podcasts alike.

Summon Siri with your voice with earbuds that detect when they are in and out of your ears. You’ll never hassle with connection problems. It’s a one-time set-up. So, listen and chat with earbuds that pack a punch.


  • High-quality design and build
  • Can share songs between two AirPods
  • Stable, low-latency wireless connection


  • Do not fit all ears

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4. Jaybird Vista

Key Features

  • 20Hz-20kHz response bandwidth
  • JBSI true wireless Bluetooth technology
  • IPX7 dust, water, crush, and drop-proof

Fueling your next ride is as easy as finding motivation in your ears. Those miles just flow by with Jaybird Vista. This pair is so popular because of their tight seal, well-defined bass, and zero-lag stereo sound.

Whether you’re connected on your mac or Android, Jaybird Vista provides seamless connectivity. And not just for listening to music, but chatting is a breeze. Left to your devices, Jaybird ramps up your immersion with high-fidelity surround sound.

Thanks to their lightweight, premium construction, you can wear these babies for hours on end. You get up to 6 hours of battery life between charges and 10 hours from the case.

The perfect-fitting buds receive lots of praise owing to their three-size interchangeable ear gels. It’s that secure fit that’s a rare find.


  • 5 minutes of charge can give an hour of playtime
  • Reliable Bluetooth connection
  • Includes USB-C compact charging case


  • It lacks a transparency mode

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5. Beats Powerbeats Pro

Key Features

  • Apple H1 chip
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • On-earbuds audio control

They are the most versatile headphones on here. And honestly, you won’t stop raving about the Beats Powerbeats Pro. This brand comes with five interchangeable ear gels and adjustable hooks for the perfect fit. Just about anyone will find them comfortable.

We particularly like that Powerbeats Pro integrates the all-powerful Apple H1 chip. So, like Apple AirPods, you get a long battery life of up to 9 hours for the Powerbeats Pro. Not to mention hands-free “Hey Siri” for quick connection to Apple devices.

On top of a stable connection, you can also pair two Powerbeats Pro headphones to one iPhone and share music. Plus, all the controls are on the earbuds. No more reaching for your device to turn the volume down or change a track. As we said, this pair is the most flexible option on the market.


  • Optical sensors for automatic on and off
  • Simple iOS and Android connection
  • Five interchangeable ear gels


  • Mid-tones could be better

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Choosing a Headphone for Zwift + Discord

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing your next set of headphones for Zwift and Discord.

Balanced Sound Profile

When we talk about the sound profile of headphones, we are talking about how they reproduce audio. For Zwift + Discord headphones, you don’t want a bass-heavy or high-frequency-heavy headset. It needs to have a balanced sound profile.

The mid-tones, bass, and high tones should all be clear. Remember, you’ll be chatting up friends, not just listening to music. If you want to drown out other sounds, it’s best to go for headphones with strong bass.

The best way to find out the sound profile of a headset is by reading reviews.

Noise Canceling Vs. Noise Isolating

If you don’t want any distractions, noise-canceling headphones are the best. They are more technical in that they block noise using a microphone. Whereas noise-isolating headphones create a tight seal so that you don’t hear every single sound around you. However, you can’t still hear loud noise with noise-isolating headphones.

An excellent example of noise-canceling headphones is the Jabra Elite Active 75t. On the other hand, Apple AirPods are noise-isolating headphones.


Comfort is relative. However, you don’t want to feel like your earbuds are clamping your ears. That’s why it’s best to get a feel of the pair you choose from other users. A brand with lots of positive feedback about comfort is more likely to fit well than those with mediocre reviews.


Ready to talk with friends and get in your game with the best headphones for Zwift + Discord? Enjoy the tunes and podcasts as you go through hills, caves, and volcanoes with these slap-me-ons.

If you’re not using a pair from our list, you’re robbing off yourself of the chance for a truly delightful Zwift experience.

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