Best True Wireless Earbuds with Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)

Active noise-cancellation or ANC is an advanced discovery in the field of aural and audio technology. True wireless earbuds that feature the ANC technology is relatively new to the market. The noise-canceling feature is a welcomed feature for the latest trend of true wireless earbuds.

These earbud-size ANC headphones do away with all the downsides of the old fashioned bulky headphones. They provide you with the best hearing and sound blocking experience in an earbud form for enhanced comfort and a secure fit. The smart technology and intelligent design of ANC earbuds make it a much sought after gadget in today’s world.

Difference between Noise Isolation and Active Noise Cancellation

Earphone and headset manufacturers have been experimenting with different technologies to come up with a product that can effectively block the unwanted surrounding sounds. Numerous innovations have provided us with two kinds of devices. One that employs ANC and the other that makes use of plain noise-blocking methods.

The active noise canceling earbuds are battery-operated devices that pick up the surrounding sounds and produces an inverse sound wave to undo or subvert the incoming noises. Noise isolating or passive noise reduction earphones, on the other hand, are made of sound-absorbing and sound reflective materials that utilize the basic mechanisms like effectively sealing the ear canals to promote sound blocking.

We must note that ANC incorporated headphones are already equipped with basic noise-canceling materials. So we may safely say that all ANC headphones perform noise isolation, but the vice versa is not applicable as some noise will reach your ear if you use the passive noise canceling varieties.

ANC earphones have a high demand in the commercial sectors and therefore are priced higher than the noise isolating versions. This is because the former utilizes a number of refined and high-tech methods to cut off the noise around you and generate a silent environment.

Choosing True Wireless Earbuds With ANC


ANC earbuds come in a variety of designs with wingtips and ear tips made of a number of comfortable materials. Earbuds should be such that they will seal your ears but will not clog them or cause unnecessary discomfort. Also, if your lifestyle demands to wear them for long hours, then you must select your product according to your level of comfort in using them.

Battery life

Since these ANC based earbuds are essentially battery operated, it is very important to choose a product that has a battery life that suits your needs. For instance, if you only require it for recreational purposes, then a battery span of a few hours should be enough. Whereas there are earphones with higher battery life are specially crafted for commercial purposes.

ANC Noise-Reduction Efficiency

The most important feature of ANC earbuds is its ANC reduction efficiency. This refers to the combined effect of technology and the materials used to provide you with an extensive noise cancellation effect. Therefore while choosing a pair of earbuds, you need to ascertain the materials’ sound absorption quality along with the technological attributes.


Another important property of ANC earbuds is its durability. Since these technologically advanced earphones come at a high price, it is necessary to make sure that whether the products are durable enough to fit your purpose. For instance, if you wish to use them at the gym, then it is advisable to buy sweat and water-resistant earbuds.

Best Active Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds

1. Sony WF-1000XM3

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Key Features

  • High definition noise cancelling processor.
  • Simultaneous Bluetooth channel.
  • 8 hours play time (24 hours with charging case)
  • Alexa-ready.

Sony is one of the leading ANC earphone manufacturing brands that have been in the market ever since this technology first made its appearance in the audio industry.  The all-new Sony WF-1000XM3 employs a High Definition Noise-Cancelling processor model- QN1e for best results for commercial purposes.

The earbuds’ integrated 24-bit audio signal strength provides you with an increasingly improved audio quality. This petite gadget has a humungous battery life that can go on for 24 hours and run for 90 minutes with a quick charge of just 10 minutes.

The sleek structure of these earbuds is truly wireless and is engineered to effectively shut out the surrounding sounds so that you may focus on your activity in a whole new quiet zone specially customized for your benefit.

The Sony earbuds are built to offer continuous L/R and Bluetooth transmissions simultaneously. You can also activate Alexa enabled voice control and access music and other information, all with a mere touch. Its intelligent technology equips the earbuds with a smart listening mode, the sound control of which can adapt and alter itself to match your activity.

These earbuds fall under the category of triple comfort because of its long hybrid silicone infused rubber bands, which provide you with enhanced noise isolation. With this added benefit, you don’t need to keep your ANC switched on as its soundproof exterior will obstruct the basic surrounding sounds.

The product comes with an efficient charging case that allows easy charge facility on the go. It is also equipped with a hands-free mode for calling and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

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2. Amazon Echobuds

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Key Features

  • Bose active noise cancelling technology.
  • 5 hours playback per charge, 20 hours with charging case.
  • Works with Alexa.
  • Sweat-resistant.

Echobuds offers you a perfect blend of compact design and intelligent ANC technology to cut out unwanted background sounds and create a placid ambiance to suit your choice of activity. These ANC equipped earbuds also contains high-quality speakers that can cancel out the residual sounds with its effective sound effects.

The Alexa enabled earbuds to allow you to stream music, play audiobooks, and acquire various information with a single tap. With its innovative functionality Echobuds, lets you ask help from Siri or Google assistant, and all you have to do is press and hold your earbuds to activate the support system.

This product’s long-lasting battery life can operate the ANC system for up to five hours without charge, two hours with a quick charge of fifteen minutes, and up to twenty hours of nonstop ANC with the charging-case.

This unique pair of earbuds comes with ear-tips of three different sizes: small, medium, and large to fit easily into the ears of users of all age groups. The wing-tips and ear-tips altogether form a wonderful in-ear seal for enhanced noise isolation, which can effectively block out a wide range of sounds without the aid of ANC.

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3. NuFlo ANC True Wireless Earbuds

True Wireless Earbuds With ANC

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Key Features

  • Active Noise Cancelling with 30 dB reduction.
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 5 hours playtime (22 hours with charging case)
  • Sweat resistant.

True wireless earbuds are few and far in between, at least at the moment of writing. NuFlo, an Indiegogo-backed innovation, is the brainchild of The Vibes Lab. Judging by the spec, it’s going to give the big names of Sony and Amazon a good run of money.

The earbuds’ ANC is expected to tune out noises by up to 30 dB or more. Even without the ANC, the physical construct of the earbud will provide 27 dB of reduction of background noise. Built around the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the earbuds promise stable connection and high fidelity audio.

Playtime of the NuFlo TWS earbuds is also on par with established competitors. A single full charge will last 5 hours and it can be extended to 22 hours with the charging case. The earbuds are also sweat-resistant, making them perfect gears for a jog.

The team being the NuFlo also did a great job in building smart touch buttons on the earbud. You’ll get to navigate music, pickup calls or activating the ANC by the different tapping patterns on the touch button.

If you wish to get hold of the NuFlo, visit its page at Indiegogo here.


As the true wireless earbuds are still in the initial growth stage, many startups are still competing to stand out with the basics. Therefore, you don’t get to see many that incorporate ANC. However, things may change in the coming future as the products mature and ready for more innovations.

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