Best Noise Cancelling Headphones For Blocking Snoring (2022 Review)

It may look silly but, sleeping with a noise cancelling headphone can be the best solution to block off the noise of your snoring partner. It’ll also allow you an entire night of uninterrupted sleep and leave you rejuvenated in the morning.

As might be predicted, every alternate person has to deal with issues like snoring or Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which are characterized by loud snoring. Since it is an involuntary action, nobody has any control over it. You may have to undergo surgeries or wear complicated devices to keep snoring at bay.

This is a problem that mainly affects the people who share rooms with those who snore. If your partner has snoring issues, then attaining a good night’s sleep seems like an impossible mission. Losing sleep because of such issues leads to severe frustration, affects your work life, and becomes a potential cause of strife between you and your partner.

Top Rated Headphones For Snoring Compared

Choosing a noise-canceling headphone

Wired or wireless

These are the two basic kinds of headphones available in the market. For sleeping, wireless headphones are often the best choice as you don’t have to worry about tangled wires. However, if you’re using earbuds and worry about losing them in your slumber, a wired pair will be handy.

Headphones Vs. In-Ear Earbuds

Headphones primarily have two models; the supra-aural (on ear) variety covers your ears but leaves some space for the passage of air. Therefore it does not entirely block the noises, but it does definitely reduce them to a great extent. The over-the-ear variety seals your ears entirely and is perfect for blocking out the loudest snoring noise.

If you feel that headphones put excessive pressure over your ears, then you could opt for earbuds. These are meant to be inserted in your ears, and their smart design easily fits into your ear canals to provide you with a hassle-free utility.

Passive and active noise-cancellation

The passive noise-cancellation technique employed in headphones primarily depends on the design and the material used. These headphones have many layers of sound blocking foams fitted inside of it.

They reflect or absorb the snoring sounds and prevent it from reaching your ears. The headphones featuring active noise cancellation techniques are not only made of sound reflective and noise-absorbing materials but are programmed to counterbalance such snoring sounds.

These headphones create oppositely oriented sound waves to tackle surrounding noises and thereby create a noise-canceling effect.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones That Block Snoring

1. Sony WH10003MX ANC Headphone

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The Sony noise-canceling headphones obstruct snoring sounds and can activate soothing music by Alexa with a single tap. This virtual soundproof headphone will provide you with a personalized ANC experience.

This noise cancellation headphone is also enabled with voice assistance, and you can have easy access to music whenever you want to. Its rapid attention mode lets you quickly turn down your music whenever you feel sleepy by simply covering the right ear cup.

The ambient sound of the headphone can be adjusted according to your activities. You can, therefore, simply maximize the noise cancellation effect to cut off extreme loud noises like repetitive snoring and enjoy the golden silence offered by this gadget.

Its easy touch control helps you to regulate music volumes, activate the noise cancellation effect, and enable hands-free mode to take calls with a single tap. This battery-operated headphone provides up to thirty minutes of service after each charge.

The headphone is ergonomically designed to give you a foldable structure and thereby make it easy to carry along while traveling. This portable headphone also comes with an audio cable for wired connectivity. In this manner, you get the benefits of both wireless and wired headphones in a single product.


  • Active noise cancelling technology that drowns out snoring.
  • Long battery life of up to 30 hours.
  • Comfortable for long hours of use.


  • Performance deteriorates in cold weather.

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2. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II

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This active noise cancellation headphone is equipped with a smart power-saving technology which offers you with a three-level noise-cancellation system. These three levels are each meant for mild, loud, and extreme snoring sounds.

By the use of three efficient modes, you get to regulate the sound blocking effect as per your requirement and also enable energy efficiency in the process. This product also has a built-in Alexa enabled voice access for turning on music, information and other features like bed-time stories for children, soothing meditative music for sleep and so on.

This headphone is also enabled with Bluetooth pairing, easy access to system updates, and other customized settings provided by the Bose connect application. These noise-blocking headphones can also be paired with various devices, such as Ipad, iPhones, and even android devices for enhanced utilitarian purposes.

Apart from its sound isolation system, this advanced headphones can come handy in not only blocking your partners snoring sounds but also listen to audiobooks with immense clarity. Therefore you see how the Bose quiet comfort 35 series not only kills unwanted surrounding noises but also replaces it with a number of sleep-inducing activities.


  • Amazing noise cancellation for blocking snoring.
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life.
  • Comfortable wear with no excessive clamping force.


  • Some units suffer from Bluetooth connection issues.

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3. Taotronics ANC Earbuds

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The Taotronics ANC earbuds are specially designed to provide you with immense comfort. They also effectively reduce unwanted environmental sounds like snoring noises to a great extent. This new age earbuds smoothly fit into your ear canals and thereby eliminates the pressure of bulky over-the-ear headphones.

Its single charge lasts up to fifteen hours and will, therefore, provide you with extra playtime even after a good eight hours of noise-free sleep. This product features a monitoring mode that lets you enable the ANC feature in flights without the fear of missing out on important announcements. The increased awareness of the earphones can be activated with the mere press of a button.

This earphone is full of smart features such as sound-isolating sliders for easy handling, monitoring mode switch, aligned volume regulators, and a microphone for receiving calls. They are equipped with an airplane audio regulator for enhanced convenience and efficient sound cancellation in the plane.

In addition to the incredible features that this pair of earbuds provides you with, its durable aluminum exterior and metal alloy matte black coating make it last longer than any other local earbuds. This enhanced noise-cancellation earphones will obstruct all surrounding noises and provide you with a good night’s sleep along with added comfort and a better fit.


  • Good noise blocking with the ANC feature.
  • Barely noticeable when worn.
  • Tangle-resistant wire.


  • Some units are plagued with reliability issues.

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4. Cowin E7 Pro ANC Headphone

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The Cowin E7 Pro is a new age headphone that has been scientifically engineered to offer you with an expert level of active noise cancellation technology. This advanced system can very efficiently obstruct loud snoring sounds and other noises of similar range and ensure a silent ambiance for sleep, be it anytime and anywhere.

This headphone is equipped with both wired and wireless features for enhanced performance. These headphones feature upgraded cushiony ear guards for better noise absorption and added comfort. The earpads blend perfectly with your skin texture to prevent irritation, and its light earcups can be worn all day long without the fear of muscular strains.

The product’s stable battery life lets it function nonstop for thirty hours after a single charge. This way, you can even travel with it and make good use of its sound isolation system in planes and traffic jams.

Cowin E7 Pro ensures to provide you with a noise-free environment to relax in, and it also comes with an eighteen-month warranty for equipping you with better customer services. Therefore block snoring sounds with an expert level sound isolation brought to you by Cowin E7 Pro and make sound-sleep a daily affair.


  • Blocks background noise (and snoring).
  • Affordable active noise cancelling headphone.
  • Comfortable with soft earcups.


  • Not great for side sleepers as the hinges are quite fragile.

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5. Maxrock Wired Sleep Earbuds

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These extremely lightweight and flexible silicone earbuds fit your ears perfectly and will prevent them from falling out easily. The earbuds’ squishy texture enables you to sleep any way you want to without the fear of hurting your ears due to its pressure on the aural muscles.

Its thick material blocks sound as high as extremely loud snoring noises from a minimum distance of about one meter. It is very compatible with apps that produce white noise that aid in falling asleep quickly.

Maxrock’s double-layered earbuds can fit any human ear and do more than just plugging your ears. It will also provide you with enhanced comfort so as to let your skin breathe and prevent the occurrence of the clogged up feeling, as in the case of normal earplugs.

The earplugs effectively block out snoring sounds and all kinds of similar noises to protect your ears from all types of noisy environments. This product can be used to regulate the surrounding sounds as per your needs and thereby create a customized ambiance best suited for you to sleep in.

Apart from its sound-isolating technique, the earbuds are also equipped with aligned controls for easy adjustment of volume and other added features. These products include a three-month hassle-free return and replace policy in order to provide you with a confident purchase.


  • Designed to block off noises when sleeping.
  • Comfortable even for side sleepers.
  • Great value at a budget-friendly price.


  • Not long-lasting.

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Can You Block Snoring With A Headphone?

It is a credible fact that loud snores are sometimes akin to the noise produced by a chainsaw. A mild snore may range within 51 dB (A) – 77 dB, which is similar to the sound of a vacuum cleaner. A loud snore’s sound ranges between 57 dB (A) – 83 dB that is as loud as a diesel truck passing by.

Extremely loud snoring ranges from 65dB (A) to 92 dB which is the same as the noise made by a food processor. We often consider using earplugs to block out snoring sounds but unfortunately, they aren’t effective when it comes to such a high range of noise. Apart from this, the tight fit of earplugs makes its use an uncomfortable affair.

This is where the novel noise-canceling headphones come into the scene. These headphones are specially crafted to filter out snoring sounds and provide you with a silent environment to sleep in. The headphones have a number of advantages over basic earplugs.

The most important plus points are that they fit you better, and their padded cover or well-fitting earpods enhance your comfort and overall ear health. These innovative products of advanced engineering are crafted to absorb surrounding noises or counter them effectively so that you get pin drop silence and its consequential good night sleep.


Not getting sufficient sleep can lead to you getting cranky in the morning. You can blame your snoring partner but that doesn’t solve the problem. The Sony WH-1000MX is arguably the best active noise cancelling headphone around and it will do a great job in drastically reduce the snoring noise.

However, if you’re not dealing with truck-like snoring, cheaper solutions like the Maxrock earbuds may do the trick.


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