Best Soundstage Headphones For Gaming (2022 Update)

With audio technology becoming so much more advanced every day, you must have heard of soundstage headphones that take your gaming to the next level. Many people don’t see the significance of audio placement in relation to their gameplay but it does work for some.

When you’re playing games like PUBG, CS:Go or Apex Legend, being able to hear 3-dimensional footsteps sound can be the difference between getting killed or springing a counter-attack.

The problem here is, anyone but a dedicated audiophile wouldn’t be able to identify a soundstage headphone made for gaming even if it’s written on the box. Never fear though, as I’ll guide you through some of the best soundstage headphones that you can wear for your gaming and musical needs.

But first, here are my top picks that’ll provide you the much-needed spatial sound in gaming.

Soundstage Gaming Headphones Compared

5 Best Soundstage Headphones For Gaming

1. Sennheiser HD 800 S

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  • Very Balanced Audio
  • Light And Comfortable
  • Distinct Soundstage

Any audiophile out there will tell you that if you are looking for the best soundstage headphones, Sennheiser should be your first choice to look into. Their HD 800 S produces audio quality that is only comparable with the most high-end headphones and nothing else compares.

Not only that, but the soundstage is so wide that you can easily follow every single thing happening in the recording or in your game. Bullets may fly across the map from every corner but you will pinpoint every single one of their origins.

Their comfort is superb as well knowing that Sennheiser has been in the audio business for the longest time. It’s only 330g which is not the lightest but still very weightless when worn for long gaming sessions.


  • Top-of-the-line Audio Quality
  • Wide And Distinctive Soundstage
  • Extremely Comfortable


  • Requires A Good Source To Bring Out Their Full Potential

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2. HiFiMan Sundara

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  • Top Sound Reproduction
  • Comfortable
  • High-Quality Build

The HiFiMan Sundara is not only beautiful on the outside, but the sound reproduced by this headphone is true to its name which is the Sanskrit word for “beautiful”. Many have backed these headphones up as the most accurate sounding drivers out there.

The build quality is amazing as well with the headphone built with the best quality materials one can find on a headphone. Most of the headphones are made of some kind of metal so you won’t have to worry about it breaking any time soon.

Comfortability-wise, this thing can be on your head for hours without any strain throughout your gaming session. It grips onto your head very strong but not so strong that it squeezes you like a melon.


  • Beautiful Sound Reproduction
  • High-quality Build
  • Firm And Comfortable


  • Treble Can Be Overwhelming For Some

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3. AKG K702

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  • Clear Audio
  • Wide Soundstage
  • Very Light

AKG is another big name in the audio industry that has been around for the longest time. The K702 is one of their best headphones and the audio quality is simply amazing. It’s clear, defined, and well-balanced, giving you the best experience possible in-game.

The soundstage on this is amazing as well, being comparable to the best headphones in the industry. If you love playing tactical shooters or battle royales, these headphones will let you hear everything on the map and show you where it’s coming from.

It is incredibly light as well weighing at only 235g which is one of the lightest headphones out there. The earpads are very comfortable but the headband may not suit everyone.


  • Well-defined And Well-balanced Sound
  • Amazing Soundstage
  • Lightweight And Comfortable


  • Headband May Be Too Tight For Larger Heads

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4. Audio Technica ATH-AD900X

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  • Sounds Great Alone
  • Great Soundstage
  • Light And Comfortable

The Audio Technica ATH-AD900X is the audio giant’s open-back headphones made for audiophiles. Most other headphones will require some kind of amplification to push their audio quality to their limits but this one works with and without amping it up.

The only way to explain the soundstage on these headphones is by calling them phenomenal. These really make a difference and the soundstage is so good that it’s borderline cheating how accurate their spatial sound is.

They really nailed it when it comes to comfortability as well. It is easily their biggest strength with how light it is and how the multiple layers of padding just make it so easy on your ears and face.


  • Sounds Good With Or Without Amplification
  • Phenomenal Soundstage
  • Lightweight And Comfortable


  • Questionable Plastic Build

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5. Philips SHP9500

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  • Surprisingly Good Sound Quality
  • Incredible Soundstage
  • Light And Comfortable

The Philips SHP9500 is a budget open-back headphone with a very elite audio quality that will blow your mind. Looking back at the price of these headphones, your jaw will drop at how good they sound when you put them on.

Not only does this sound absolutely amazing, but the soundstage is incredible as well for a headphone at its price. You won’t find this kind of soundstage in other headphones of the same price range.

It is very light and very comfortable as well. Some even claim that they can wear it for hours upon hours and just forget about their existence. Day-long ranked game session ahead of you? No worries, you won’t even know you had them on in the first place.


  • Bang-for-your-buck Audio Quality
  • Astonishing Soundstage
  • Feather-like Weight And Comfortability


  • Bass Is A Little Lacking

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Choosing A Great Soundstage Headphone For Gaming

Closed-back or Open-back

This may not look like an important aspect when picking out a headphone but if you are looking for one made for soundstage, it does. Know that soundstage only works specifically for headphones with an open-back.

This is because the audio is required to flow freely through the headphones to reproduce that acoustic effect. You can skip on any headphones that say it supports soundstage but has a closed-back.

Sound Quality

No amount of soundstage can replace good sound quality. Don’t compromise audio quality for the sake of soundstage because it won’t even matter if the soundstage is working if the audio quality doesn’t work on-par.

Fortunately, the best headphones out there that provide soundstage are also known for their high-quality audio. Never compromise on audio quality for anything when looking into headphones.


Gaming sessions usually take hours and you don’t want your head to feel like a squeezed melon after that. Look for a headset that is comfortable enough for it to feel weightless on you to prevent irritation.

You wanted soundstage to improve your performance in the first place. You’re not going to perform optimally if the headphones keep disrupting you.


Every headphone claims to be able to provide soundstage but not all of them can do it well. This will come to personal testing so it’s recommended to go through some reviews to see if the headphones you’re looking at have a good soundstage.


Who said you can’t get a good headphone with a soundstage for gaming? I hope you’ve found the perfect headphone for your gaming and musical needs. For those who have never tried soundstage before, trust me, it will make a difference in those clutch moments of victory in your games.


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