Best Wireless Headphones For Sony TV

After a tedious day at work, it is common for most people to continue with a Netflix series or watch a National Geographic documentary on their TV. Whichever the case, the common need for each is quality uninterrupted sound, which, I bet is the same for you.

Unfortunately, regardless of the quality home theatre, home life – children crying, dogs barking – can get in your way. This is where wireless headphones – Bluetooth or RF headphones – come into play. So, if you have a Sony TV at home, here are five headphones you can add to your entertainment arsenal for quality sound.

Oh! Before we can have a look at the headphones, let’s discuss what you should consider when making a purchase.

Sony TV Wireless Headphones Compared

Choosing a Sony TV Wireless Headphone


The range of transmission is vital when it comes to wireless headphones. You want a gadget that will allow you to enjoy music even when in the kitchen Bluetooth headphones have a typical range of 10 meters, while RF headphones with a transmitter can have a range of up to 100 meters.


Most Sony TVs are compatible with Bluetooth devices. All you’ll need to do is conduct a normal device search. However, if you prefer to use RF headphones, you’ll require a transmitter. It connects the TV sound signal to your headphones. While Bluetooth headphones are easy to work around, RF headphones provide a wider signal range.


Comfort is arguably the most sought-after factor of any gear be it headphones or a couch. Ensure that they come with an easy-to-fit headband and soft, comfortable cushions. The earpads should have a firm grip on your ears to mitigate falling off. More to that, they should be breathable to offer much-needed comfort for long.

Sound quality

Sound quality: yet another concern for music and movie enthusiasts. Ideal headphones should have a precise balance between treble and bass as well as a surround system. This is to ensure the well-detailed sound while offering a big sound. Besides, the sound should not spill over to those around you.


If you prefer listening to music for long, headphones with extended playtime are fit for you and vice versa. Most Bluetooth headphones have an average playtime of 8 hours while the RF type boasts of at least 20 hours. Well, the choice depends on your preference.

5 Best Wireless Headphones For Sony TV

1. ARTISTE Wireless TV Headphones

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Key Features

  • RF connectivity (with 3.5 mm jack)
  • 20 hours playtime
  • 100 ft range.

Enjoy your best movies, soaps, or music using these stylish ARTISTE wireless headphones. The RF design ensures that you enjoy quality uninterrupted sound over a broader range. Whether in the kitchen or laundry, you can listen to whatever you want. The headphones are compatible with numerous devices such as PC, tablets, smartphones, and radio among others.

It comprises of a digital signal that keeps sound distortion to its minimal while offering precisely balanced tremble and extra bass. Thanks to the 25Hz – 20 kHz frequency, you are guaranteed of crystal clear Hi-Fi stereo sound, ideal for movie watching. It offers you unmatched comfort thanks to its easy-to-fit headband and soft ear pads.

If you are looking for headphones that will offer long playtime, these, fit the bill. They offer up to 20 hours. As such, you can use them for long without worrying about the battery going low.

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2. Sony Wireless Headphones

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Key Features

  • RF Connectivity (with 3.5mm jack)
  • 20 hours playtime.
  • 150 ft range.

Want headphones built by Sony for Sony products? These wireless headphones are the right fit for you. They are precisely built for TV watching. It comes loaded with all the necessary accessories needed for seamless connectivity. From a charging dock, transmitter, charging adapter, 3.5mm stereo plug and more.

Enjoy a range of up to 150 ft with these stylish headphones. This allows you to listen to podcasts, news, or music from different locations in your house. A fully charged battery will last you for up to 20 hours. What more do you want? Like other Sony products, they offer quality sound with extra bass and much-needed noise reduction feature.

The headphones are designed with comfort in mind. They feature comfort over-ear ear pads that are extremely breathable and a soft headband ideal for extended movie watching or playing games. With the Sony headphones, you can rest assured of clear, balanced, well-detailed big sound.

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3. Wireless TV Headphone By Zanchie

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Key Features

  • Wireless RF (With 3.5mm jack)
  • 8 hours playtime
  • 330 ft. range

Perfect headphones for wide signal range, they offer a connection of up to 330ft. the RF transmitter acts as a charging dock while seamlessly offering no latency connection between the TV and your headphones. When fully charged, they offer up to 10 hours of playtime, ideal to watch several series episodes.

The headband is soft-padded offering unparalleled comfort when watching. Not to mention the soft ear pads that precisely fit your ears while mitigating sound spillage. This ensures that you have an awesome time watching without disturbing those around you. Its 7 ounces weight allows you to carry it around without a fuss.

When it comes to compatibility, they can be used on your laptop, smartphone, radio, MP3 player, CD player and much more. This is thanks to its ability to plug into an RCA or 3.5mm audio jack. Charging takes up to four hours. All you have to do is ensure the headphones are placed correctly on the charging dock.

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4. Picun P26 Bluetooth Headphones

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Key Features

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 40 hours playtime
  • 33 ft range.

Want quality Bluetooth headphones? Why not opt for the Picun P26 headphones? The Bluetooth 5.0 technology that mitigates latency while providing stable transmission and better output. This allows you to have excellent Hi-Fi music experience. They feature an in-built microphone that lets you receive calls remotely.

These headphones offer comfort owing to their skin-friendly ear pads that fit your ears. This ensures that you watch or listen to music comfortably without irritation to your skin. Not to mention the soft headband that comfortably sits on your head.

Moreover, they are lightweight, adding no extra weight to your head. Want to store them? Just fold inwards and place them at a convenient place. If you prefer a wired connection, these headphones got you sorted. And, no longer do you have to worry about the battery running low.

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5. LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones

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Key Features

  • Bluetooth wireless.
  • 100 hours playtime.
  • 33 ft range.

Last on the list is the LETSCOM headphones. Coming with Bluetooth technology, they boast of 40 days playtime when used for at least 3 hours a day – Quite convenient. A bass enthusiast? Well, these headphones won’t let you down. They come with a deep bass function that provides HD clear extra bass. 

The integrated Bluetooth technology ensures you enjoy an uninterrupted connection with no latency. This allows unmatched audio-visual sync when watching movies or making a call. The soft ear pads offer you a breathable experience so that you can enjoy comfort for an extended period. Thanks to their folding capability, you can seamlessly carry them in your bag.

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How To Connect A Wireless Headphone To An Sony TV

Now that you know which headphones to purchase, let’s look at how you can go about connecting them to your Sony TV.

Bluetooth headphones

Before you can connect the headphones, ensure that they are compatible with the TV. Check whether they support the A2DP Bluetooth profile. Second, check whether your TV supports Bluetooth connectivity. You can do this by going to the Settings menu and under Sound, look for A/V sync. Its availability means the TV supports Bluetooth. Follow laid out steps to connect.

RF headphones

For the RF type, you’ll need a transmitter. And the TV must have audio output ports. Also, ensure your headphones have fully charged batteries. Once everything is in order, connect the transmitter to the TV using a composite audio jack. Then, connect the headphones to the transmitter.


As more TV brands as such Sony embrace the use of wireless headphones, it is no doubt that you as the user will require quality headphones for unparalleled listening/watching experience. The above five headphones are an excellent option.

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