Best aptX Low Latency Wireless Headphones (2022 Update)

Most audiophiles are in favor of wired headphones for various reasons, with the better sound quality of the utmost importance. While this may be true, wireless headsets have gained a solid footing on the market as well.

One such standout is the aptX Bluetooth headphones, which are known for their low latency. They have become the ultimate choice for those who wish for more freedom in listening. Not only that, they pack a solid performance in terms of audio quality.

So what is the relevance of aptX? With aptX Bluetooth headphones, the idea is that audio will be in harmony with what you are watching. Thus, ensuring a better experience with your movies or games.

Due to this popularity, there are various brands of aptX headphones on the market. For audio veterans and audiophiles alike, it is crucial to find the best fit.

Wireless Headphones With aptX Compared

5 Best aptX Low Latency Wireless Headphones

1. Status Audio BT One

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  •         Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX
  •         QuickCharge technology
  •         On-ear fit

If you are looking for a pair of aptX Bluetooth headphones, the BT One is one worthy investment. Most users agree that these headphones deliver when it comes to promising long battery life. With 30 hours’ worth of playtime, you can enjoy listening sessions for a longer time.

Of course, we have to mention the charging capabilities when touching on battery life. With Qualcomm’s QuickCharge technology, you can be sure of faster charging in a much shorter time.

Do you wish for a modern look for your headsets? Thanks to the sophisticated and sleek design, stylish audiophiles will be delighted. The design reflects more than stylish exteriors. It emphasizes efficiency too. Users can adjust music or calls in a fuss-free manner without touching the phone.


  •         Great battery life
  •         Compact case
  •         Remarkable sound range


  •         Average for calls

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2. Sennheiser HD350BT

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  •         Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  •         Voice assistant button
  •         Over-ear fit

This pair of aptX wireless headphones from Sennheiser is one to consider. Designed for the modern users and those who are always on the move, they truly deliver. Not only stylish, but the design is also durable. Did we mention that this pair of headsets is foldable?

The use of high-quality materials contributes greatly to its durability. Besides, the folding design makes it compact and easy to bring around. Perfect for the active users who are always on the move.

As if comfort and the minimalistic design are not enough to deliver, the superb audio experience is another advantage. The audio experience is both engaging and dynamic thanks to its Bluetooth 5.0 technology and wireless codecs, which includes aptX.

Moreover, the Smart Control App along with the Voice Assistant feature ensures a better audio experience and premium sound synchronization.


  •         Lightweight
  •         Foldable
  •         Smart Control App for easy customization


  •         No noise reduction feature

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3. Falwedi

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  •         Over-ear fit
  •         Noise-canceling technology
  •         Type C fast charging

Look no further when it comes to owning a pair of great low latency headphones. The Falwedi headphones come with active noise canceling technology. Thus, you can enjoy the ultimate audio experience regardless of how noisy the surrounding is.

The ANC switch works wonders! With just a simple switch, you can enjoy your music peacefully no matter how noisy it is. Not only that, the noise-reducing microphone enables you to make your calls efficiently. Enjoy clear calls without any interference.

Besides, the battery life is amazing. After a full charge, you can enjoy music for a long time without all those surrounding noises. Just a reminder though. It is advisable to switch off ANC when not in use. This ensures power saving and energy efficiency.


  •         Great build quality
  •         Convenient and easy-to-use buttons
  •         Good dynamic range


  •         Bulky

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4. Avantree Aria Pro

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  •         Certified aptX-HD
  •         Active noise-canceling technology
  •         Detachable boom mic

While there is a huge selection of wireless headphones on the market, finding an affordable one that offers low latency aptX can be quite challenging. The Avantree Aria Pro is one pair of headphones that promises not only affordability but great features as well.

One main appeal of the Avantree Aria Pro is its support of aptX HD. With this advanced feature, you can get the best Bluetooth experience. Other features include the attached boom microphone.

Despite their affordability, these headphones can still compete with the higher brands. Though not as sophisticated, you can still get decent bass and balance.

Many users gave the bass quality a thumbs up. Though some view the ANC feature as mediocre at best, these headphones are still worthy of investment considering the price.

With all the appeals, there are disadvantages as well. The battery life is good, but nothing to rave about. Most are also not in favor of the use of plastic as the main material of these headphones.


  •         Good audio quality
  •         Lightweight
  •         Great aptX codec support


  •         Does not come with AAC codec support

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5. August EP650

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  •         Multipoint technology
  •         Bluetooth v4.2 NFC
  •         Qualcomm CSR apt-X LL

This pair of aptX headphones promise the perfect low latency audio synchronization. The headsets are compatible with most devices so you do not need to worry about the connection. With the aptX and NFC features, there will no longer be lags between audio and picture when you are enjoying your favorite movies.

One thing that amazes us has to be its hands-free function. With it, you can answer calls and control audio with ease. All these without touching your smartphone. You can access them directly from the headset itself.

Furthermore, you can expect to enjoy customizable audio with these headphones. You simply have to use the dedicated August Audio EQ app to tune the headsets according to your liking.


  •         The headset is foldable for the best comfort
  •         Replaceable pads
  •         Simple and stable connection


  •         Affected connection when the battery is not fully charged

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Choosing A Low Latency aptX Wireless Headphone


When buying Bluetooth headphones, you’ll want to consider the codec in use. Codec functions to compress the particular audio file for faster transmission.

Although most Bluetooth devices can support SBC or Low Complexity Subband Coding, you have to consider other high-quality codecs such as aptX for a remarkable audio experience.

Proper Fit

When you are looking for a pair of aptX headphones, the most important factor has to be the fit. A proper fit ensures the best sound reproduction.

It is crucial to make sure that your ears are well within the perimeter of the ear pads when using over-ear headphones. Often, audiophiles tend to purchase ear tips separately for a more custom fit.


It is without a doubt that a pair of comfortable headphones is important for television viewing. If you want to enjoy your television programs for a longer time, finding the most comfortable aptX Bluetooth headphones is the answer.

There are various aspects to look out for in a pair of comfortable low latency headphones. They include adequate headband support and clamping force. Besides, the ear cups should not be too thick but cushiony enough.


There you have it. Our list of the best low latency headphones that you can find on the market. While having a great home theatre system is important, a pair of aptX headphones can bring the audio experience to the next level.




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