Best Haptic Feedback Headphones In 2022

When it comes to headphones, we’ve evolved so far with technological advancements that we have things like surround sound and soundstage that give you spatial sound. Now, we even have haptic feedback in headphones that lets you know where the sound comes from and how it feels like.

We all know that the basic human senses include hearing and touch but imagine being able to get both at the same time through the same medium. In-game grenades will feel close while your favorite artist’s guitar solo will vibrate in your ear and face with the most brilliant vibrance.

Haptic Feedback Headsets Compared

What Is A Haptic Feedback Headphone?

Predominantly, electronic devices have always stimulated only two of our five basic senses which are our sight and hearing. Nowadays, many devices have managed to stimulate our touch through the technological advancement of vibrations.

Haptic technology has found its way from small things like phones and game controllers to larger-scale devices such as full-body suits, cars, and even the air around us. Now, even our headphones can enjoy this technology to provide you with a fuller experience.

Many people question the usefulness of haptic feedback in headphones but it just elevates your experience so much further. Hearing alone can give you a good experience but why stop there when you can achieve even more?

Every gamer dreams of being able to fully experience a game as if it were real-life and haptics help make that happen. Don’t just simulate a battlefield, be in the center of it and feel it all happening around you.

Best Headphones With Haptic Feedback?

1. Razer Nari Ultimate

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  • Good Microphone Quality
  • Comfortable
  • Wireless

The Razer Nari Ultimate revolutionized the haptic headphone industry as they release one of the only headphones with haptic feedback. It learns from its other product lines as the comfortability on this is out of this world even with its heavier build.

The microphone quality is praised as well for being very responsive to the human voice. It’s even retractable so that you can pull it out when you need it and keep it tucked when you don’t. You can also easily mute it with a button conveniently placed on the headset itself.

The wireless connection is very strong as well as they provide a USB dongle for a near lagless experience. For those who can’t plug in the dongle, you are also given conventional wires with different connections which you can use for many platforms.


  • Comfortable Build
  • Responsive Microphone
  • Multiple Connectivity Options


  • Average Sound Quality

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2. Corsair HS60

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  • Surround Sound Support
  • Light And Comfortable
  • Good Sound Quality

Corsair took their already released HS60 series and improved upon it by releasing the HS60 Haptic Sound. It improves upon its predecessor by having a better sound quality when compared to the original, especially for bassheads out there.

Not only that, but it kept the most defining thing about the headset which was the comfortability with its memory foam earpads and tilting hinges. The memory foam will easily fit around your head even if you wear glasses which most think of as a hindrance.

It also kept the surround sound support that further enhances the immersion that the headphones can provide. Now you can hear, feel, and locate every sound whether it be from a game or your favorite movie.


  • Better Sound Quality
  • Super Comfortable Build
  • Surround Sound Support


  • Bass Is Heavily Boosted

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How To Choose Haptic Feedback Headphones

Audio Quality

Doesn’t matter how many gimmicks a manufacturer can give you on a pair of headphones if the sound quality just isn’t there. Many people compromise sound quality just to gain access to the latest technological advancements which truly defeats the purpose of getting the best headphones.

Never compromise audio quality when it comes to headphones, it makes a huge difference.

Haptic Feedback

Haptics has been around for quite some time but it was only recently introduced into the headphone industry. Not many headphones have haptic feedback and the ones that do may not perform as well as they are advertised to do so.

Feel the haptics yourself if you have to, but pay attention to the details before making a decision.


Headphones are really stressful on the head because you’ll probably have them for a long period of time per session especially if you’re a gamer. Comfort is key and many manufacturers have focused on making their headphones either as light as possible or as soft.

Look for a headphone that helps relieve any stress from your head as you were looking to relax with your headphones in the first place. Can’t be immersed if you are constantly annoyed.


Are haptic headsets worth it?

Haptic headsets take the bass and low-end frequencies and turn them into haptic vibrations that you can feel. This can increase the immersion when gaming or listening to music.

The experience is more consistent when listening to music and the experience is going to differ depending on what you are listening to. If what you are looking for is better immersion and audio experience then a haptic headset could provide you with just that.

Is Razer Nari good?

While the audio quality of the Razer Nari is average, it is built well and comes with a great microphone. The headset is comfortable to wear during long gaming sessions. With features such as THX Audio, haptic feedback, and RGB lighting this is a premium headset but you can often find a pair at a discounted price which makes it a no-brainer.

How to set up a haptic feedback headset?

Setting up a haptic feedback headset is similar to how you would set up a regular headset. The only addition is the button that controls the haptic feedback and its intensity. For a better experience, we recommend plugging your headset into one of the USB ports at the back of your PC rather than the front.

You can also adjust audio settings in the software. For example, you can use iCUE for the Corsair HS60 and Synapse 3 for the Razer Nari.


Haptics is the new thing and headphones have caught on to the technology only recently. It isn’t for everyone but anyone looking for more immersion in their favorite game or movie should definitely try it out.

Keep in mind that only the best headphones will give you the optimal performance you’re looking for. If you’re not a fan of the haptic sensations, check out these gaming headsets instead.

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