Best Headphones For Meditation 2022

Do you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life where finding a quiet corner for meditation seems a far-fetched dream? If yes, then the noise-canceling headphones can guarantee you a perfect meditative state.

Even a slightest of noise in your background can disrupt your meditation, but the noise-canceling headphones help you focus while you’re meditating even in a noisy area. These premier headphones are a great choice for daily work and offer a high ranking sound quality.

So whether you wish to hear binaural beats for a comfortable sleep at night or you wish to focus on your work, these headphones will offer you the perfect state of mind.

Headphones For Meditation Compared

How To Choose A Headphone For Meditation


The primary reason we select headphones for meditation is to dampen the surrounding sound in our environment and achieve peace of mind. Hence, you should definitely pay attention to how good a piece of headphones is in the noise-canceling aspect.

Passive Noise Canceling dampens and muffles the sound upon wearing the headphones. Whereas Active Noise Canceling carries out the same function but also emits sound waves similar to the surrounding environment to cancel the noise completely.


The headphones should be comfortable. For you to easily perform meditation, your body needs to be in a relaxed state, physically and mentally. So, choose them according to your preference. If you find over-ear more comfortable to earbuds, choose them. Wire and Wireless options should also be chosen in a similar manner. Usually, wireless is a better option as it won’t become a physical obstacle in any manner to you.


More importantly, you should see how portable these headphones are. Hopefully, not too big to be difficult to carry outside. You may feel like meditating at home today, but tomorrow, you might want to try the park. Hence, they should be easy to carry and compact with robust performance. Portability is a vital factor to consider.

Best Headphones For Meditation 2020

1. COWIN E7 PRO Active Noise Cancelling Headphone (Popular choice)

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Cowin E7 Pro comes with an advanced active noise reduction technology that can eliminate city traffic noise easily. It comes with both wired and wireless options for your convenience and allows you to enjoy your favorite music or videos to your heart’s contents.

The headphones offer a remarkable sound quality with 45mm large-aperture drivers, and it can reach up to a range of 75 to 85 decibels. Additionally, It offers 18-months of warranty and 7 vibrant color choices.

As comfort is important for you during meditation, Protein earpads mixed with swiveling ear cups offer a skin-like sensation and a comfortable fit around the years. Hence, you can wear it for multiple hours without any discomfort.

With the latest Bluetooth 4.0, it offers uninterrupted connectivity and also comes with a built-in mic with a higher sound definition for communication and recording purposes. With 800 mAh battery, it can run up to 30 hours on Bluetooth mode after a full charge.


  • 30 hours of battery life
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Durable body


  • Not great for communication like phone calls

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2. Bose QuietComfort 35 II Noise Cancelling Headphone (Best quality)

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Bose is one of the pioneers in the field of headphone manufacturing. With three levels of noise cancellation technology and interactive Bose AR, QuietComfort 35 is a complete package for any meditation lover. You will find an impeccable balance at any level of volume for the sound quality.

The headphones come with Bluetooth pairing options. However, there is a Bose Connect App that is capable of completely modifying your experience with the headphones.

Partnered with Amazon, Bose comes with Alexa services enabled. Hence, your digital assistant is ready to go on command anytime. The main highlight of this product is the 3 level noise cancellation that offers utmost quietness and sound-based AR.

With Augmented reality, you will find it easier to meditate with Bose’s headphones. It can run for up to twenty hours easily. These headphones offer the highest quality of performance with a wired option available when the battery is down


  • BOSE AR option
  • 3 Level Noise Cancellation
  • Alexa enabled for assistance


  • Bose AR app is only available for iPhone and iPad users currently.

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 3. TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds (Highly portable)

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Here comes Tao Tronic Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds. By charging them for only one hour, you can work with them for fifteen non-stop hours. That’s not all; the sleek design with the robust build of aluminum makes it a high-quality product for portability. The additional black matte finish adds a little dash of style to the pair of earphones.

This earbud comes packed with active noise cancellation that can reduce sound by up to 25db. But that’s not all; while it reduces sound, you also get an in-ear monitor button that enables you to listen to any announcement or sound with an easy press. You don’t need to pause your music anymore.

With the slider noise cancellation and monitoring mode, you can easily meditate without getting disturbed. Inline controls also allow you to adjust the earphones according to your requirements. It comes with a 3.5 mm jack that fits in any phone and additional airline adapter and travel pouch for extra portability.


  • Easy slider noise cancellation
  • Sound monitoring for important announcements
  • 15 hours of battery life for 1 hour of charging


  • Not wireless

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4. Sennheiser PX550 Adaptive Noise Cancelling Headphone (The all-rounder)

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Sennheiser PX550 comes with active noise cancellation technology called Noise Guard. It offers up to 30 hours of battery life on a single charge with any USB outlet. If you run out of charging, connect easily with the wire-aux for the comfortable listening experience. Regardless of the connectivity option, whether USB or Bluetooth, you will find Sennheiser amplifying the sound quality to the maximum capacity for the best experience.

As it is designed for travelers, Sennheiser offers great portability options. With light design and comfortable wear, you won’t even feel it on your head. More importantly, it is a strong module with the latest connectivity options and economical design.

Furthermore, it offers voice commands, touch control, and several other ‘smart’ function for modern technology. With a triple microphone array, it also offers great communication options.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Active Noise Cancellation technology
  • Highly comfortable business class headphones


  • The touch button may sometimes be irresponsive.

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Is it okay to meditate with headphones?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to meditate with headphones. You can listen to music or a meditation track. You can also just use the headphones to block the noises around you. You can also take headphones with you so that you can meditate no matter where you are.

Try meditating with and without the headphones to see what works for you the best.

Are noise-canceling headphones good for meditation?

You should use noise-canceling headphones when meditating in order to block the noise in the environment around you. This will isolate you and allow you to relax. Once all the outside noise is blocked off, you will be able to fall into deep relaxation.

We can recommend the Bose Quiet Comfort and Sennheiser PX 550. Both of these are wireless, have great battery life, and have excellent active noise cancellation.

Should I meditate with AirPods?

AirPods have impressive noise-cancellation, so they can be great for meditation. If you already have a pair of AirPods then it makes sense to use them rather than getting a pair of headphones for meditation. They should block off unwanted sounds and help you relax.


While it isn’t necessary to use a headphone while meditating, using one is definitely useful to minimize distractions. An active noise canceling headphone will go a long way in ensuring you’re able to meditate without being constantly distracted.

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