Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $50

Today’s headphones are equipped with various handy features and noise cancelling is one that’s attracting users of all groups. The question is, can you own a noise cancelling headphone with a limited budget, of say, $50 or below?

What’s more important is, will the headphone cuts off noise efficiently as advertised? It’s frustrating to get yourself a noise cancelling headphone, only to find out that it does nothing to reduce the chatters or buzzing engines.

To be realistic, you can’t expect the performance of a $50 noise cancelling headphone to rival one such as the Sony wh-1000xm3, which is the top of the class. Still, by carefully making your picks, you’ll still be able to get a reasonably good headphone that muffles external noise.

Top Rated Noise Cancelling Headphones Below $50 Compared

Choosing A Noise Cancelling Headphone

Your options are limited with headphones that do well in blocking out noise and wouldn’t cost you anything above $50. But before you jump on any budget-friendly headphone that screams noise-cancelling, take these points into consideration.

Noise Reduction Strength

You’ll need to decide if you’re alright with a noise-isolating headphone or one that’s equipped with active noise cancelling electronics. The former will provide some degree of reduction but it’s unlike the noise suppression offered by an ANC headphone.

Of course, you’ll need to fork out more if you wanted to go for an active noise cancelling headphone as it will be closer to your budget of $50. Opting for a noise-isolating headphone will cost you less, but you’ll have to compromise with some noise slipping in through the paddings.

Sound quality

While budget-friendly headphones cannot rival those that are made for audiophiles, it doesn’t mean you ought to settle for terrible sound quality. Many of headphones on the lower price range offer reasonably good sound quality.

Sound quality depends on the audio drivers, frequency range and frequency response of the headphone. You’ll want to get one that covers at least the hearing range of humans, which is 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

The frequency curve is also important, as it can mean a headphone that has a stronger bass or one with a flat tone. Of course, the choice depends on your personal preference. If you’re getting one for gaming, stronger bass is usually the better option.


A poorly designed headphone will cause soreness or just pure uncomfortable to put on. If you’re using a headphone for long hours, you’ll need one that offers comfort, even if it’s on the lower price range.

Features like swiveling ear cups, adjustable headband and the structure of the ear pads make a huge difference in terms of comfort. If you’re going for an earbud, you’ll need to ensure that the ear tips are designed to fit securely without exerting excessive pressure on your ears.

Play Hour

For the best noise cancelling experience, you’ll need an ANC headphone. For an ANC headphone to work, you’ll need to power up the noise cancelling circuit. Most active noise cancelling headphones are usually wireless, which means the battery needs to keep the Bluetooth and ANC circuit running.

Therefore, it’s important to get a good estimate of how long the headphone, or at least the noise-cancelling feature will last before the battery goes flat. Most wireless ANC headphones are rated with 25 to 30 hours of playtime. However, if you’re going for wireless earbuds, the battery life will be about 6 to 8 hours.

Durability (And Warranty)

Let’s be real. It’s unfair to compare a $50 headphone to a $200 one, particularly in terms of material and durability. As with any electronics, headphones do break down from time to time. While cheaper headphones don’t always equate low quality, you will want to be protected in such situations.

You ought to consider the general reliability of the headphone. Reading reviews will give you a pretty good idea. For total peace of mind, you’ll need to ensure that the manufacturer offers a warranty policy for the headphone. It’s common for headphones to be backed by 1-2 years of warranty, even if it costs less than $50.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $50

1. Boltune BH010 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

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Key Features

  • Active noise cancelling.
  • 30 hours of playtime.
  • Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Noise-reduction microphone.

Boltune’s noise cancelling headphone is one that you’re able to get while staying within a tight budget. It’s engineered with the latest AMS AS3435 noise cancelling tech, which provides a great reduction to surrounding noise when turned on.  The ANC function can be activated on its own or when playing audio with the headphone.

Equally impressive for this low-cost headphone is the sound quality. You can expect decent audio with an emphasis on the bass from the headphone. It’s doing a great job of ensuring the entire spectrum of specified frequency is audible.

Thanks to the Quantum Qcc3003 chip, the headphone not only transmits high-quality audio, but it also has an extended range of 66 ft over Bluetooth 5.0 If you’re using a Bluetooth 4.2 headphone, you’ll find that this Boltune’s ANC headphone outperform your old headphone at multiple times in range.

The headphone not only does a great job in producing great audio, but it’s equipped with an equally high-quality mic. If you’re taking a call with the headphone, your voice will be transmitted loud and clear.

Both active noise cancelling and Bluetooth transceiver draws power from the built-in battery. With a capacity of 500mAh, you’ll be listening to your favorite music or enjoying the solitude for up to 30 hours, before a recharge is needed. 5 minutes of quick charging will replenish 2 hours of battery life.

Boltune did not forget the ergonomics of the headphone. Both earcups are padded with protein ear pads, which ensure you remain comfortable even when wearing the headphone for long hours. You’ll also find the headphone fairly flexible as it features adjustable headbands and swiveling ear cups.

When you’re travelling, you can bring along the headphone with ease as it’s foldable and wireless. You’ll also get a carrying case to store the headphone.


  • Good sound quality with decent bass.
  • Great noise reduction with ANC.
  • Battery performance exceeds specified limits.


  • May suffer from build quality issues.

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2. Letscom H033C Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

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Key Features

  • Active noise cancelling.
  • 25 hours of playtime.
  • Dual 40mm drivers.
  • Professional protein ear pads.

It’s hard to get a functional active noise cancelling headphone with $50 and plenty of change to spare. The Letscom H033C is an exception. Not only it’s arguably the cheapest ANC headphone in town, but it’s one that offers decent performance in every area.

If blocking the sound of the subway chatter is your priority, the headphone will not disappoint. While the ANC cannot be compared to its premium-grade competitors, you do get a significant reduction of the noise. By flipping the ANC switch on, you’re able to dive into solitude or enjoy your music without distraction.

There’s no serious issue about the audio quality for this Letscom headphone, unless of course, you’re particular about the tiniest detail. Generally, you can expect a balance sonic spectrum across the frequency. You won’t get any heavy bass, but an equally distributed audio tone.

The Letscomm H03CC can function on both wired and wireless modes. If you’re using it with an iPhone, connecting it via Bluetooth is the only option. Alternatively, you can connect the headphone to a 3.5 mm jack. However, the ANC only functions with the Bluetooth mode.

If you’re on the Bluetooth mode, you can expect play time of up to 25 hours. This means you’ll only need to charge the headphone after a few days of normal usage. Besides the lengthy battery life, the headphone is also comfortable on the ears. The padded cushion and metal hinge of the earcups provide a good balance between comfort and firmness.

The headphone also features a CVC-enabled microphone, which ensures clear voice transmission. With a zipper pouch and foldable design, you can carry the headphone easily on a flight and greatly reduce the loud humming noise of the airplane engine.


  • Decent sound reduction.
  • Low cost ANC headphone.
  • Comfortable and highly portable.


  • Can be loose on smaller heads.

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3. Uomeod Bluetooth Wireless Headphone

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Key Features

  • Memory-protein ear cushion.
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 450 mAh battery
  • CVC microphone

You don’t always need an ANC headphone to enjoy solitude when listening to music. This underrated headphone that goes by the name Uemeod leverage on great ergonomics to greatly suppress background noise. Without an ANC circuit, the protein ear pads and the and the large earcups will do a great job in muffling external noise.

While the passive noise cancellation is above average, there are more praiseworthy areas on the headphone. For a start, it is built around the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which ensures stability in audio transmission. The sound quality favors the bass where you’ll have greater enhancement on the lower frequency.

The headphone is also fitted with a sensitive microphone that ensures crystal clear conversation on the phone. For less than $50, you can enjoy a handful of additional features that are built-in on the earcup. The headphone features an FM receiver and a slot for TF or MicroSD to allow playing music without a mobile phone.

The battery life of the Ueomeod is also on par with the industry average as you’ll get up to 25 hours of continuous playtime. In the case where the battery goes flat, you can plug the audio cord into the 3.5 mm jack and continue listening to the music.

The designers have put a lot of love into the headphone’s design. The headband is constructed to offer sturdy support and with the flexibility of adjustability. You’ll also find the padded ear foam comfortable when using the headphone for hours. Thanks to its flexibility, both adults and kids will have no issues fitting it on their heads.

Uomeod has definitely crafted a winning headphone, in terms of style, functionality, and noise-isolation. The trendy style of the headphone is further enhanced by the colorful options available.


  • Great passive sound isolation.
  • Good sound quality with enhanced bass.
  • Comfortable ear pads.


  • The microphone may have quality issues.

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4. Mpow H12 Hybrid ANC Headphone

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Key Features

  • Hybrid active noise cancelling.
  • 30 hours playtime.
  • Deep bass performance.
  • Bluetooth 5.0

The MPOW H12 is labeled as a hybrid active noise cancelling headphone. If you’re wondering what’s extraordinary with this headphone, it’s the way how ANC was implemented. Instead of using a single microphone in the earcup to pick up the surrounding noise, Mpow has a second headphone located outside the earcup.

By combining two tiny microphones, the Mpow H12 is capable of suppressing noises of a wider frequency range. It isn’t far fetched to say that the ANC performance is worth more than what the Mpow H12 is priced. You’re able to notice substantial differences with and without the ANC turned on.

Besides ANC, the headphone offers impressive sound quality across the frequency spectrum. You’ll find a deeper bass that goes well with gaming and comparable with some of the more expensive brands. Sound fidelity is notable on the headphone as you’ll be able to listen to tinier details in the audio that most budget-friendly headphones missed out.

Audio transmission on the headphone is done over Bluetooth 5.0, which technically means better stability. A CVC microphone is also built into the headphone, which uses noise cancelling technology to ensure high-quality voice recording.

Battery life is also on par with competitors as a single full charge will last you 30 hours of playtime. With the ANC on, you’ll get about 15 hours of listening, which is more than sufficient when you’re traveling on a flight. An audio cord is also supplied and it allows you to continue enjoying the music even when the battery goes flat.

Apart from its cutting-edge ANC, the Mpow H12 is designed for portability and comfort. The soft memory foam that covers the earcups ensure you don’t suffer from soreness. Also, the swiveling earcups automatically adjust itself to fit the angle of your head structure.


  • Excellent noise reduction with hybrid ANC.
  • Custom fit with swiveling earcups.
  • Great range with the Bluetooth 5.0


  • Lacking in robustness.

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5. Edifier H840 Monitoring Headphone

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Key Features

  • Excellent noise muffling.
  • Flat sonic response for monitoring.
  • Leather ear muffs.
  • 40 mm drivers.

There’s always a compromise when you’re getting a budget-friendly headphone. For the Edifier H840, you’ll have a simple headphone that goes without a built-in mic or other fancy controls to navigate the music. But the lack of these features is more than compensated with excellent sound quality and sound isolation.

This over-ear headphone does not have a built-in noise-cancelling chip, but the extra-large ear cups padded with soft leather cushion did a great job keeping in blocking sound. Once you put on the headphone, you’ll find that chatters or even conversations are greatly reduced in volume.

Audio is transmitted over a 6 ft cord which means there aren’t any batteries in the headphone. You’ll want to skip the H840 if you’re looking for a headphone heavily-accented in bass. Marketed as an entry-grade monitor headphone, you’ll find that there aren’t any tonal colors added to the sound. Rather, it stays as pure as the original source, which is great for studio monitoring.

Try to keep your expectations low on the built of the headphone. There’s nothing fancy with the headband as it’s made of plastic covers over a piece of metal. The plus point is that the headphone is extraordinarily lightweight and it’s quite comfortable to wear for a long period.

If you’re looking for a similar headphone by Edifier with a mic, check out the H841 as it’s still within the strict budget. Like all Edifier headphones, you’ll need to be more careful about handing the headphone, particularly on the cord. The brand is notorious for its thinner cord and you don’t want to accidentally yank it by force.


  • Awesome sound muffling for noise blocking.
  • Affordable for studio monitoring.
  • Does not cause ear fatigue.


  • Thin audio cord.

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6. Avantree ANC032 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

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Key Features

  • Active noise canceling.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Up to 10 hours playtime (Bluetooth + ANC)
  • Supports wired mode (Without ANC)

Another headphone that fits into your budget is the Avantree ANC032. The headphone operates on Bluetooth for audio reception and features noise cancelling circuits to minimize external noise. However, it’s worth to note that the ANC only has a reduction of 16 dB, which is less than similar headphones in the market.

With that said, this Avantree headphone offers reasonable noise suppression, given the price that it’s offered. You’ll find it a good fit when you’re commuting or working in a cafe. It doesn’t totally eliminate background noise but it does a great job of keeping them at a minimum. What the headphone performs really well is the ANC doesn’t cause distortion to the audio, which is a prevalent issue in some headphones.

Thanks to its Bluetooth chipset and superior 40mm drivers, the ANC032 offers reasonably good sound quality. Of course, it’s no match for a high-end audiophile or gaming headsets, but this headphone will work fine if you’re using it for watching TV or listening to music. You’ll find the bass isn’t overwhelming but at the right balance.

While the headphone can be used with an audio cord, the ANC only functions on wireless mode. Thankfully, the built-in battery packs decent playtime as you’ll get about 10 hours of using Bluetooth and ANC. If you’re using the headphone purely for noise suppression, you’ll have up to 48 hours before the battery turns flat.

You can’t complain about the build quality of the headphone. In fact, for the price it commands, the Avantree ANC032 is quite comfortable even if you’re listening to music for hours. It’s also less bulky than other wireless headphones. This makes it an ideal budget headphone to take along on a flight.

Coupled with the excellent customer service rendered, there’s no reason to turn down an affordable and function headphone from Avantree.


  • Blocks out noise significantly.
  • The ANC does not disrupt the audio.
  • Decent overall sound quality.


  • Battery durability can be an issue.

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7. Taotronics Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds

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Key Features

  • Active noise cancellation with 24 dB reduction.
  • Monitoring mode for clear hearing of announcement.
  • Up to 15 hours of ANC.
  • Tangle-resistant wire.

Noise reduction used to be synonymous with oversized large earpads headphones. But this Taotronics earbuds is doing well to shake up the trend. Rather than fitting the ANC chip in large earcups, the noise-cancelling electronics are embedded in the earbuds.

The ANC offers a significant noise reduction of 24 dB in the audio level. By turning on the ANC switch at the inline control, you’ll find that background noises in the airport or busy streets are suppressed to a minimum. That’s how effective noise reduction is with this sleek and portable wired earbuds.

Another handful feature offered by Taotronics is the monitoring mode. By flipping on the button, you’re able to pick up ongoing voice announcements without distraction. It’s a neat feature that comes in handy when you’re at the airport.

While the earbuds transmit audio through a wire, the active noise cancelling feature is powered by an internal battery. This means you’ll need to charge the earbuds in order to use the ANC. For a single charge, the ANC will last for up to 15 hours which is pretty impressive considering that there’s little space to fit in the battery.

You’ll find that both the ANC and monitor mode buttons are housed in a single control while a separate inline control contains buttons to adjust the volume and picking up calls. Such convenience is complemented by the ergonomics of the earbuds. The tip of the earbuds doesn’t lodge itself deep into your ear canals, which spares you the soreness when putting on for a long period.

As the wire of the earbuds is tangle-resistant, you don’t end up in a mess like with ordinary wired earbuds. All that for such an incredibly low price is pretty impressive from this increasingly popular Chinese brand.


  • Significant noise suppression with the ANC turned on.
  • Comfortable for long hours of usage.
  • Monitor mode allows voice announcements to be clearly audible.


  • May be lacking in durability.

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8. Aikela True Wireless Earbuds

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Key Features

  • Active noise cancelling.
  • 140 hours playtime (with charging case).
  • One step pairing.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

With the trend of true wireless earbuds taking the industry by storm, you shouldn’t dismiss these totally cordless earbuds for blocking off the noise. This Aikela TWS earbuds, which is fairly affordable, have all it takes to tune out the world as you locked on to your music.

The true wireless earbuds work on the latest Bluetooth technology. You’ll be having great 3D stereo performance and a stable connection with these little things. Sound performance is also a forte as it could belt out the melody with rich and deep bass but without overdoing it.

As for noise cancelling, there aren’t any ANC features on the earbuds. However, the structure of the earbuds are well-designed to keep external noise off when you put it on. One the earbuds are on, background noise like the subways or engines are muffled, so that you can enjoy the music without distraction.

Pairing the earbuds is a hassle-free process. Both of the earbuds automatically pair with each other when they are removed from the case. Your mobile phone will then identify the earbuds as long as you have the Bluetooth transceiver turned on.

It’s common knowledge that true wireless earbuds do not have a terrific battery duration. These earbuds will allow you continuous usage of up to 4 hours. However, the charging case will prolong the usage as it could extend the playtime to up to 140 hours on a full charge.

If you’re in awe of cutting-edge features, you’ll be impressed with the touch buttons on the side of the earbud. The buttons allow you to navigate between music tracks, pick up calls, or trigger the voice assistant on your phone.

The Aikela earbuds are worthy of its price tag if you’re looking for something tiny, cordless and a good noise blocker.


  • Offers good noise reduction.
  • Easy to pair with just a single step.
  • Charging case prolongs the playtime significantly.


  • Some units may have issues with Bluetooth connection.

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9. MindBeast Wired Earbuds

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Key Features

  • Cuts off 90% of noise
  • Deep bass performance.
  • Sweat-proof and lightweight.

Sometimes, a cheap (and high-performing) earbud is all it takes to provide you the solitude and focus as you try to rush off assignment amidst a bustling office. The MindBeast fits right into the description as it offers a no-nonsense listening experience for a very low cost.

With its iconic logo stamped at the side of the earbuds, you can expect deep and rich bass performance for the audio delivered. Still, the bass wouldn’t be overwhelming as Mindbeast’s wireless version of earbuds. Of course, the mids and higher tones are also delivered in crystal clear quality.

What’s impressive about the earbuds is the sound isolation that it offers to the users. MindBeast claims that the earbuds reduce up to 90% of background noises and it isn’t bluffing. The structure of the earbud efficiently blocks off most of the noise and leaves you with pleasant music or solitude.

It’s noticeable how MindBeast has taken care in delivering the right ergonomics. The earbuds feature a 135 degrees angled plug, instead of the common right-angled ones. The argument is because the wider angle makes plugging in the earbuds easier. Also, there’s thick plastic insulation around the joint, to ensure the plug joint is highly durable.

There’s more to noise-blocking with the MindBeast earbuds. With a mic on the inline control, you can use it to take calls without the need to remove the earbuds. A sporty pouch is also provided and you can carry around the earbuds with ease.


  • Very efficient in noise-isolation, even without turning the music on.
  • Comfortable to wear for long hours.
  • Nice and deep bass without overwhelming the higher notes.


  • The mic isn’t of the highest quality.

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10. Akamate Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

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Key Features

  • Active noise cancelling with 22 dB reduction.
  • 8 hours of playtime.
  • Magnetic earbuds.
  • Sweat-resistant

This Akamate wireless earbud has proved a hit amongst people seeking the in-between between wired and true-wireless earbuds. Both of its earbuds are joined by a short cable that goes around your neck. With magnetics material built on the earbuds, you can secure it like a necklace when not in use.

Unlike typical wireless earbuds, Akamate has an ANC chip built on this unit. The microphones will pick up the surrounding noise and the internal circuitry generate an out-of-phase waveform to cancel out the noise. With a rated 22 dB reduction, background noise like engines or chatters will be reduced to 9 times its original loudness.

The earbuds operate on the Bluetooth 4.2 frequency band, which allows a range of up to 33 feet of transmission. Pairing the earbuds with your mobile phone is relatively easy. Once it’s paired, you can start enjoying the audio which boasts high clarity. The bass has a certain degree of depth while the middle tones are rendered clearly.

The wireless earbuds are ideal for sports, cycling or jogging as it’s lightweight and non-restraining when putting on. It is also sweats and water-resistant, which means the earbuds don’t degrade easily after a few times of usage. Once it’s fully charged, you’ll have 8 hours of playback time before it runs out of battery.


  • Great sound suppression with the ANC.
  • Excellent sound quality with strong bass.
  • Comfortable and lightweight.


  • Durability is an issue.

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1. Will You Still Hear Conversation When Using An ANC Headphone?

The active noise cancelling technology was never meant to mute out spontaneous sound or when people are conversing. It’s only common sense that wearing the headphone that totally blocks off noise across every frequency is dangerous.

ANC headphones are designed to suppress sound that resonates at lower frequencies. This means the humming of an engine, background chatter in public places or when you’re in an airplane.

You’ll still be able to pick up conversations, or when people are calling you over with an ANC headphone on. The volume of such spontaneous sound will be reduced when you’ve turned on the ANC feature.

2. Can You Use A Noise Cancelling Headphone Without Listening To Music?

Some people would want to use an active noise cancelling headphone just to have the solitude, particularly if they’re working in a cafe or in a noisy office. Most ANC headphones have a separate control button that turns on the noise cancelling feature with or without music.

When you’re browsing for an ANC headphone, you’ll need to check out for the button that’s labeled ‘ANC’. Also, activating the ANC without turning on the Bluetooth will also result in a significantly longer battery duration.

If you’re using a headphone with passive noise isolation, it goes without saying that it will muffle out external noise even without having music playing out from it.

3.  Should You Wear A Noise Cancelling Headphone To Sleep?

It’s understandable that some people are easily woken up by noise when they’re sleeping or if the snoring of their partners become unbearable. Theoretically, there’s no reason why you can’t wear a noise cancelling headphone for bedtime.

However, you’ll need to consider the ruggedness of the headphone. For 50 bucks and below, not all headphones may withstand the additional force applied on it when you’re tossing and turning in bed.

Avoid flimsy headphones that are fully made of fragile plastic material if you’re going to use it for bedtime.

4. Can You Get A Good Noise Cancelling Headphone Below $50?

There’s always a notion that the best headphones will cost a couple of hundreds of dollars or more. While it’s true that quality comes with a price, it’s too hasty to write-off those that are priced below fifty dollars.

It’s unfair to compare a $30+ ANC headphone to the top-of-the grade Sony WH-1000XM3. But it’s reasonable to say that some headphones, particularly those listed above, are reasonably efficient in blocking noise off.

Considering the low price tags of these headphones, they will be a good value of money to block off the noise and enjoy music.

5. Are Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Safe?

Active noise cancelling headphone outperform passive noise isolating headphones by employing a circuitry that picks up the external noise and generates a waveform to neutralize it. In order to do that, you’ll have a microphone and an electronics chip situated in the earcup.

There is no harmful radiation emitted by the electronics for the ANC. Therefore, an ANC headphone is as safe as any Bluetooth or wired headphones. You won’t be suffering from any health risk for active noise cancelling headphones.

6.  Will The ANC Feature Distort Incoming Audio Signal?

In order to implement ANC, an intelligent electronics chip is needed to produce a 180 degrees out-of-phase signal to cancel out the noise. However, the actual implementation of ANC is more complex than merely injecting a waveform onto the audio signal.

There are calculations involved as to how and if injecting the waveform will alter the original audio. In some headphones, turning on the ANC may distort the lower frequencies of the audio. Ultimately, the question of whether activating the ANC will compromise the sound quality of the headphone depends on the electronics chip and engineering brilliance of the manufacturer.

7. Is there a huge difference between a $50 and $200 noise cancelling headphone?

Noise cancelling seems to be a popular feature for headphones and you’ll find that headphones of all types and prices claiming to offer good noise suppression. The best form of noise reduction undoubtedly comes from the active noise cancelling technology, which uses the principle of mutually destructive waveforms.

To be realistic, there is an obvious difference between the efficiency of the ANC of a 50 bucks headphone and its pricier counterpart. For example, the Sony WH-1000XM3 is so impressive that the ANC feature will result in total silent if you’re in a shopping mall.

However, don’t expect a 50 dollar headphone to achieve the same magnitude of noise cancellation. You’ll be getting your money worth if the budget-friendly headphone is able to significantly suppress noise to the extent that you’re free from the distraction.


Getting some solitude with a headphone need not be an expensive affair. The latest high-end noise cancelling feature is tempting, especially if you’re seeking solitude for work, travel or sleep. For fifty bucks or less, you’re able to pick up a headphone or earbuds that will do justice to prevent irritating noise from bugging you.

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