Best Headsets For Rainbow Six Siege (2022 Update)

Rainbow Six Siege is the closest simulation of being in the Special Forces as you can get when playing a first-person tactical shooter. When given very real situations and problems to solve, you’re going to need the best headsets to hear what they hear in a real-life situation.

Unlike most online tactical shooters, Rainbow Six Siege requires you to make the hardest decisions while working in a team so you’d want all sounds to be loud and clear, both theirs and yours.

Gaming Headsets For Rainbow Six Siege Compared

Choosing A Headset For Playing Rainbow Six Siege


It’s all about staying comfortable for hours and hours while you are trying to diffuse a hostage situation. You don’t want to be bothered by heat or sweat while you are making game-changing decisions.

Getting a comfortable headset also allows you to keep all your focus on the game instead of being bothered by the littlest things. Some headsets keep slipping off if you have a small head. So, get the right headset to fit your head. 

Sound Quality

Every footstep, every weapon switch, every single squeak, and creak, you’ll want to hear it all at real-time quality. The sooner you hear your opponents’ movement, the sooner you’ll be able to close out the game.

Not only do you want the best sound quality, but you’ll want to know where the sound is coming from. Getting a headset with a soundstage will do you wonders in this case where not only will you hear everything, but you’ll know it from everywhere.

Microphone Quality

Aren’t you just tired of your teammates hearing the wrong callouts, costing you that little bit of MMR you need for the next rank? Microphone quality is usually overlooked by most people because not all headsets focus on it. Some microphones come with noise-canceling as well which helps to focus on your voice.

You’re not most people and champions should only be equipped with champion-tier equipment.

The 5 Best Headsets For Rainbow Six Siege

1.Hyper X Cloud II

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  • 53mm Sound Drivers
  • DTS 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Built To Last

The Hyper X brand is a well-known brand in the gaming peripheral industry and their Cloud II has always been considered to be top-of-the-line when it comes to quality. The sound from this headset is so clear that every hertz is accurately played back.

It comes with DTS 7.1 Surround Sound support to keep you on your feet while being able to hear where you’re opponents’ feet are. Creaks in the house will not only sound real, but you’ll know which part of the house it’s from.

The microphone is crisp and accurate. It’s even TeamSpeak and Discord verified just in case your team uses those mediums to communicate and you want to know that your voice is loud and clear.


  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Surround Sound Support
  • Very Good Microphone


  • Bass May Not Appeal To Everyone

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2. Sennheiser Game One

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  • 40mm Sound Drivers
  • Open Acoustic Design
  • Built For Comfort

For everyone who has been an audiophile all their life, they would know the name Sennheiser and how good they are for their audio quality. You’ll experience it all here with the Sennheiser Game One as their entry into the gaming peripheral market.

Being an audio company at its core, the Sennheiser Game One has one of the best microphones as well. It delivers commands to your team with instructions that will never leave them with any doubts. It’s just clear cut and accurate.

For an audio company with decades of experience in the headset industry, their gaming headset has retained the classic design. It is lightweight and comfortable to the point where it barely feels like anything on your head.


  • Top Quality Sound
  • Amazing Microphone Quality
  • Extremely Comfortable


  • No Surround Sound Support

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3. Astro Gaming A50

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  • 40mm Sound Drivers
  • Wireless Connection
  • Built For Comfort

The Astro Gaming A50 headset is an extremely comfortable headset that has been praised by many users for those long gaming sessions. Hours upon hours of ranked matches later and you will barely feel any strain around your head at all.

With wireless headsets, people always worry about the sound quality due to the fact that wireless headsets are known to be lacking when compared to wired ones. You won’t find any flaws here with the Astro Gaming A50 in that department.

Sound quality isn’t the only concern when it comes to wireless headsets. They tend to have delays as well due to the nature of a wireless connection. Thanks to the headset having its own 2.4GHz RF Signal, it is lag-free and made for gaming.


  • Comfort Like No Other
  • Exceptional Sound Quality For A Wireless Device
  • No Latency Lag Experience


  • Build Quality Is Questionable For Its Price

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4. Logitech G Pro X

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  • 50mm Sound Drivers
  • 7.1 DTS Surround Sound
  • Blue Voice Support

The Logitech G Pro X is a stunning and versatile headset that can be connected in multiple ways. It comes with almost every single cord you can think of from USB to 3.5mm so you don’t need to worry about switching between your PC and your console.

The microphone already boasts impressive quality but coupled with Blue Voice support, it just takes it up another notch. The only sounds your teammates will hear from you are the callouts that will guide them to a successful mission.

The build quality on this is just extremely sturdy. It uses metal and aluminum for the frame instead of plastic which allows it to take the harshest of beatings. You’re not going to replace this one anytime soon.


  • Versatile Connections
  • Impressive Microphone Quality
  • Built Like A Tank


  • Requires App For Optimization

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5. Steel Series Arctis Pro

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  • 40mm Sound Drivers
  • DTS Headphones:X 2.0
  • Wireless Connection

The Steel Series Arctis Pro is a very good headset for your gaming needs with its amazing sound quality with DTS Headphones:X 2.0 support. This is a Surround Sound that was made specifically for gaming so that you don’t need to worry about that enemy peaking over you.

Steel Series is also known for having the best microphone in the gaming industry. It gives out studio-quality voice recordings and features background noise-cancellation as well. It is also DIscord certified just in case your team wants to switch to another communication server.

It gives you the option to choose between Bluetooth or its own USB transmitter both of which will suit different needs. Casual users can just pop them on and connect via Bluetooth while the serious user can use the USB choice to eliminate latency to keep them at their A-game


  • DTS Headphones:X 2.0 Support
  • Studio-Quality Microphone
  • Latency-Free USB Receiver


  • Poor Noise Isolation

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Optimizing Audio Configuration For Rainbow Six Siege

Dynamic Range

Rainbow Six Siege has distinct audio options that separate them from other games. It allows you to switch between three Dynamic Range categories including Night Mode, Hi-Fi, and TV. Out of the three categories, TV seems to work the best as it combines the best of both worlds to give you the most immersive experience possible.

Night Mode is too soft while Hi-Fi may be so loud that it disturbs your focus.


Many people overlook this aspect because it sounds so simple and yet this is one of the most common issues they face. Many don’t insert the connection jack on wired connections properly which doesn’t give them the best sound. Wireless connections should only be used via USB Transmitters to ensure that there is no latency when it comes to sound delivery.


Normally in a team-based game, you’d want your microphone to be open all the time for easy chat access without much interference. When it comes to tactical shooters like Rainbow Six SIege though, you’re going to want to set push-to-talk on. This is because you don’t want to mess up your team’s focus with unnecessary sound. Speak only when you need to.


In a game like Rainbow Six Siege where every single decision matters and split-second decisions are made all the time, audio quality is something you don’t want to miss out on.

These five headsets will provide you with the best audio quality their category can offer to put you in a winning position.

Now go out there and save those hostages, or if you are on the other side, make sure they stay hostage.


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