How To Keep Wireless Earbuds From Falling Out Of Your Ears

Having earbuds constantly falling out of your ears is a sure way of building up frustration. It could also cost you dearly if you’re wearing true wireless earbuds. Without an attached wire, the impact could spell the end of that earbud, or it could end up in the toilet.

The latter is what’s almost happened to my TWS earbuds, as it decided to fall off at the worst timing.

Getting earbuds to stay fixated can be tricky. Since the near-mishap, I’ve dug deep into the reasons why those earbuds keep popping out and methods that could keep the safety in place. 

Why Do Your Earbuds Keep Falling out?

As mysterious it is, falling earbuds are often attributed to these factors. 

1. Mismatched ear size

It’s not your fault, but when the earbuds are too big or small, they are unable to get a good grip on your ear canal. Despite the manufacturer’s attempt to produce earbuds that fit the ‘general’ population, it’s a fact that individuals’ ear dimensions vary. 

Men may have different ear sizes than women. Ear dimensions are also proven to be different across ethnicities. 

So, it could be a matter of choosing the wrong earbuds. 

2. You’re wearing them wrong

While a pair of wireless earbuds may look similar, there are fine details that separate from the left and the right earbud. If you’re putting them on randomly, there’s a chance where the left earbud goes to the right ear and vice versa.

Wrong fitting of the earbuds will affect the grip on your ears. They are likely to fall off at any sudden movement. 

3. Earwax buildup

You’ll probably want to check out if you’re having excessive earwax build up. It can get slippery and reduce the friction between the earbud and the ear canal. 

It’s advisable that you avoid digging the earwax out as it could damage the inner ear canal. Instead, it’s recommended to dampen the earwax with warm water with the aid of an eyedropper.

4. Proximity to the jaw

The ear is closer to the jaw than you imagined. Try making a yawning movement and you’ll find a tug on your ears.

Even if you’ve fitted the earbuds neatly onto your ears, the muscle movement of your jaw when you speak or yawn can dislocate the earbuds. This explains why the earbuds start to loosen whenever you’re on the phone. 

How To Keep Your Wireless Earbuds In Place?

Consider these hacks to keep your earbuds firmly in place.

1. Wear them right

If you have a habit of wearing the earbuds irrespective of the designated ears, you may want to start paying attention to the ‘L’ and ‘R’ symbol engraved on each earbud. Wearing the earbuds right reduces the chance of having them fall off easily. 

2. Clean off the earwax

It’s not in my shoe to tell you what to do with the earwax, but if it’s bad enough for the earbuds to keep slipping off, you need to do something. 

As mentioned, cleaning the earwax with an ear pick is a strict no-no. You don’t want to risk injuring your ears just to keep the earbuds in place. 

Use warm water to soften the earwax or talk to your doctor for the best approach. 

3. Wear an ear warmer

An ear warmer is more than a piece of fashion that keeps your ears warm during winter. It’s great in securing your wireless earbuds where they are. 

Unless you removed the ear warmer, it’s impossible to lose those earbuds of yours.

4. Use the right ear tips

Some wireless earbuds are shipped with ear tips for small, medium, and large-sized ears. Try them out and you may find a good fit amongst them. 

5. Invest in accessories

Check out accessories like BudLoks or EarLocks, which are designed to keep wireless earbuds in place. They may just be the solution for your falling earbuds.

Why Does It Even Matter?

Wireless earbuds are favored for the convenience and comfort. Having them dropping out every now and then is disruptive to your activities. 

Whether you’re listening to your favorite track while jogging, or you’re deep in a conversation on the phone, you don’t want to worry about losing your earbuds.

A pair of earbuds that fit offers both comfort and a worry-less experience. 

Tips For Choosing An Ear-Fitting Wireless Earbuds

Ideally, you’ll want wireless earbuds that fit firmly and comfortably. If you’re looking for an alternative to an existing one, here are some pointers.

1. Try it out

The best way to ensure the earbuds fit perfectly to your ears is to test them out. This is possible if you’re choosing them in a physical store. It saves you the trouble of hoping for the earbuds to fit and finding out they’re not later. 

2. Use wireless earbuds with ear hooks.

If you’re using the earbuds for sports, you’ll want to get one that comes with ear hooks. The winged extension secures the earbuds around your ears and prevents them from dropping off. 

3. Consider True Wireless Earbuds

True wireless earbuds are designed without the cable. It eliminates the risk of accidentally pulling off the earbuds with the cable. 

With that said, it’s important to ensure that the TWS earbuds are the correct fit. That’s because there isn’t any cable to hold the earbud when it falls. 

Bottom Line

Falling earbuds is a pesky problem that isn’t easy to solve. You either have the right fit or not. Familiarize yourself with your earbuds before wearing them for sports. You may also want to avoid using them in the bathroom to prevent unwanted incidents.

With the tips mentioned above, I hope that you’ll reduce the likelihood of your earbuds falling out of the ears. 



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